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February 5, 2023

Antonescu intends to leave politics

Former PNL leader Crin Antonescu declares that he intends to quit politics soon and that the departure will happen gradually. The Liberal outlined that he was interested in the fate of the Romanian right wing, especially in that of PNL, and that “I could live tomorrow, actually”, but that he did not intend to “do it suddenly”. Asked on Tuesday, at Gandul Live, if he intended to stay involved in politics, Antonescu replied: “I do not think so. At least, not for long”. “I want to do other things than politics. I focused on politics as long as I saw fit. I owe nothing to the people I partnered with in politics; I am only indebted to those who have invested their hopes in me”, the Liberal ex-leader pointed out. Antonescu went on by holding a speech filled with political vendetta, criticizing the political class and attacking former members of PNL that proved to be opportunists. The former PNL president expressed his regret that people supporting the party betrayed his trust. “There are always many things to do in this world. There are many things to do in Romanian politics as well. I witnessed the results of the ballot on November 16, aware that enthusiasm is temporary, that hope is short-lived and that politicians should use the means of reality to fill ideal aspirations. A person who sacrifices a day off has the right to demand what they want. The elector has the right to say that he wants all retards and all mediocre politicians to disappear. The politician must acknowledge the will of the citizen but he must also have that thing that turns him into a politician. He must transpose these aspirations into reality as much as he can, with few means. When you are not a thief or a stupid person, when you invest trust into people whom you discover that, although they spent their lifetime without being Ministers, they do accompany Mr. Ponta at his house, as Mr. Chitoiu, Gerea and Stroe do; when you struggle for people and support them to become County Council chairmen and half of them end up in jail, you must conclude that they went there to do different things than the ones you had agreed on”, Antonescu confessed.


“Something is wrong with PNL”


Crin Antonescu also said he had to admit that PNL is confronted with legal issues as well and that he demanded an analysis of the path Liberals approached by merging with PDL. “It is not irrelevant to see what is happening actually with the right wing. PSD had it coming again, but this does not make us any better. Ten years with Traian Basescu proved that each of us is left to deal with our own corrupt members. All sorts of corruption networks flourished during the past few years. I had the expectation that PNL would include merely honest people. But I have to acknowledge that no day passes by without one of us being arrested. I said it before, something is wrong here. Perhaps the charges are not fully proved; yet, nobody can say that DNA arrests two or three of them for nothing”, Antonescu explained. “I cannot deny the reality, that PNL is a political party that only seeks to gain the administration of the Romanian state for its public budget. (…) They merge, but where are they headed to? To the same demagogic speeches that justice must be free so that we can understand something about this story? How do we treat Traian Basescu’s term? There are things kept in the closet. How do we treat them?”, Crin Antonescu also added.


“Iohannis did not win the elections”


Antonescu insisted, as he did in previous appearances that followed the elections, that Iohannis was no more but a benefiter of a vote sanctioning the political class, while Ponta was the victim. “If anyone within PNL gets the idea that there is a winner of this electoral campaign, starting with Mr. Iohannis and continuing with Mr. Blaga and his underdogs, they are painfully mistaken. People merely sanctioned what happened in politics so far. And Ponta was a hero of that movie, while Iohannis had not acted in it before”, Antonescu concluded.



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