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February 3, 2023

Miron Mitrea: ‘The label as corrupt we created ourselves’

PSD MP Miron Mitrea said on Adevarul Live on Tuesday that the Social-Democrats had created their label as a corrupt party themselves, adding that people in conflict with the law ought to be removed from the party. ‘Before, communication with the baseline was much more intense. People would listen to Ion Iliescu. The label as corrupt we created ourselves. Every person accused of corruption is convinced he/she is innocent. The label as corrupt we created ourselves and we are bringing it up from within’, Mitrea said on Adevarul Live on Tuesday.

Mitrea believes that the issue cannot be dealt with ‘by putting together lists of people with problems, who is corrupt and who is not’. In addition, the PSD MP explained that the same rule had to apply in his case, as he could have not stayed in the party while he had issues with Justice. ‘The next second after the criminal investigation begins the person must be suspended as a member of the party and should lose the political support for any office they may be holding. If it is an elected office, the person must resign it, as they cannot be ousted, and if it is a designated office they should be replaced immediately’, Miron Mitrea said.

The PSD MP on Sunday announced his resignation as a member of PSD, effective as of 1 January 2015. He is accused that, while he was Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing in the Adrian Nastase Cabinet, he received approximately EUR 300,000 bribe in the form of construction works at a house belonging to his mother.


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