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December 1, 2022

The new ministers of the Ponta Cabinet were sworn in, Basescu attacks toughly two of them

The new ministers of the Ponta Cabinet were sworn in on Wednesday, at the Cotroceni presidential Palace, in front of incumbent president, Traian Basescu.

There have been newly appointed: Gratiela Gavrilescu – minister of Environment, Waters and Forests, Mihai Tudose – minister of Economy, Trade and Tourism, Andrei Gerea – minister of Energy, Small and Medium-Sized Companies and Business Environment, Sorin Grindeanu – minister for Information Society, Sorin Cimpeanu – minister of Education and Scientific Research, Ioan Vulpescu – minister of Culture, Angel Tilvar – minister-delegate for Relations with the Romanians Everywhere and Liviu Pop – minister for Social Dialogue.

Three dignitaries of the former Cabinet who have changed portfolios, were also sworn in: Liviu Dragnea and Daniel Constantin, who lose their positions of deputy-prime ministers, but keep the ministries they have previously run – Regional Development and Agriculture, respectively. The third one is Darius Valcov, who is going to head the Public Finances Ministry, after previously being minister-delegate for the Budget, a field which now joined the Public Finances.


President Basescu accepts the swearing in of Pop, Campeanu despite “false in public interest”


Incumbent President Traian Basescu on Wednesday said that the Parliament Decision regarding the ministers’ nomination is mandatory, a reason to accept the swearing in on behalf of the minister for Social Dialogue, Liviu Pop and of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, even if they both have ‘contributed to ruining institutions of Education in a false in public interest,” reported Agerpres.

In the opening ceremony for the swearing in of the new ministers of the Ponta IV Cabinet, the president quoted from the Romanian Constitutional Court’ Decision no. 98 /February 7 2008 ‘in order to rule out any doubt regarding the event.’ He said that this Decision specifies that of ‘the text of the Fundamental Law foreseen at paragraphs 1 and 3 from article 85, the appointment by the President of Romania of the ministers is an act of enforcing of the Parliament’s decision and investiture, on this basis, of the ministers by the head of state.’

‘The decision of the supreme representative body of the Romanian people – the Parliament – is a mandatory move the President could not refuse but by seriously violating the Constitution. This is the reason why I will receive today the swearing in of Mr. Pop and of Mr. Minister of Education who have contributed to a false in public interest, by destroying some Education institutions,’ said president Basescu, in the opening of the swearing in ceremony.

President Traian Basescu has signed on Tuesday the decree regarding the revoking of some ministers and appointing of new ministers, the Presidential Administration informed. As such, through the aforementioned decree the following Ministers were revoked: Nicolae-Liviu Dragnea – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Regional Development and Public Administration, Daniel Constantin – Deputy Prime Minister, Agriculture Minister, Hegedus Csilla – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture, Ioana-Maria Petrescu – Public Finance Minister, Remus Pricopie – National Education Minister, Constantin Nita – Economy Minister, Attila Korodi – Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, Alexandru-Razvan Cotovelea – Minister for Information Society, Mihnea-Cosmin Costoiu – Minister-Delegate for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development, Florin-Nicolae Jianu – Minister-Delegate for SMEs, Business Environment and Tourism, Razvan-Eugen Nicolescu – Minister-Delegate for Energy, Adriana-Doina Pana – Minister-Delegate for Waters, Forests and Fisheries, Darius-Bogdan Valcov – Minister-Delegate for Budget, Bogdan-Dragos-Aureliu Marian-Stanoevici – Minister-Delegate for Romanians Abroad, Aurelia Cristea – Minister-Delegate for Social Dialogue. The decree has also provided for the appointment to the post of Minister of the following: Nicolae-Liviu Dragnea – Minister for Regional Development and Public Administration, Darius-Bogdan Valcov – Public Finance Minister, Daniel Constantin – Agriculture Minister, Gratiela Gavrilescu – Minister for Environment, Waters and Forests, Mihai Tudose – Minister of Economy, Commerce and Tourism, Andrei-Dominic Gerea – Minister for Energy, SMEs and Business Environment, Sorin Grindeanu – Minister for Information Society, Sorin-Mihai Cimpeanu – Minister of Education and Scientific Research, Ioan Vulpescu – Minister of Culture, Angel Tilvar – Minister-Delegate for Relations with Romanians Abroad and Liviu-Marian Pop – Minister-Delegate for Social Dialogue.

The Government proposed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta has been validated on Monday by the joint Chambers of the Parliament 377 to 134 votes.
The new Ponta Government is as follows:

* Gabriel Oprea (deputy-prime minister, Interior)
* Liviu Dragnea (Regional Development)
* Daniel Constantin (Agriculture)
* Rovana Plumb (Labour)
* Nicolae Banicioiu (Health)
* Mihai Tudose (Economy)
* Darius Valcov (Finances)
* Robert Cazanciuc (Justice)
* Eugen Teodorovici (European Funds)
* Ioan Rus (Transports)
* Ioan Vulpescu (Culture)
* Bogdan Aurescu (Foreign Affairs)
* Mircea Dusa (Defence)
* Gabriela Szabo (Sports and Youth)
* Sorin Grindeanu (Communications)
* Angel Tilvar (Diaspora)
* Eugen Nicolicea (Relation with the Parliament)
* Sorin Cimpeanu (Education)
* Andrei Gerea (Energy and SMEs)
* Gratiela Gavrilescu (Environment)
* Liviu Pop (minister-delegate for Social Dialogue)




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