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June 29, 2022

PNL’s BPN has started with party’s leadership at stake: Gorghiu came to win a vote, Orban more committed than ever to run

After her surprise nomination in the race for the National Liberal Party (PNL) leadership on Wednesday evening when one of the favorites, Teodor Atanasiu gave up to run, the f irst deputy president of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Alina Gorghiu said on Thursday, ahead of the party’s National Political Bureau’s meeting that she came to present her candidacy and win a vote.

“I believe that all should be discussed in due time. I came here, today to present my candidacy and win a vote. I couldn’t tell you now who wins because I’m absolutely certain that the competition will be open, correct,” said Gorghiu.

She wished luck to her opponent, Ludovic Orban and said she wanted the outcome of this day be an interim situation which will lead to a consensus within the PNL. Gorghiu added that she thought of this candidacy for some time, recalling that she is a PNL member since 2002 and that she has passed through all stages within this party, as she used to be a local councilor for four years, than a parliamentarian and now its spokesperson, all “political experiences which have marked me, shaped me politically.”

Should she is elected, Alina Gorghiu will be interim chairperson , for 30 months, till the next congress or national convention, as it is called in the new party’s statute, which normally should take place in 2017.

As far as her main competitor, Ludovic Orban  is concerned, not only that he hasn’t withdrawn, as he was suggested by Teodor Atanasiu on Wednesday evening, but before the opening of the National Political Bureau he said that he is more committed than never to candidate to the party leadership. First deputy-chairman of the National Liberal Party Ludovic Orban on Thursday said he won’t give up his candidacy for PNL president, as he is supported by the ‘PNL’s base.’

‘Obviously, today not only that I won’t give up my candidacy, on the contrary I’m strongly upholding my candidacy, because I believe it’s a legitimate one, a candidacy supported by the base of the PNL and a candidacy which targets some precise objectives: the enforcement of the presidential programme and, obviously, the abolishing as soon as possible of the Ponta Government. (…) It’s true that I gave up the PNL chairmanship once, a while ago, but I gave it up in favour of Mr. President-elect, Klaus Iohannis and by withdrawing my candidacy I’ve announced that I supported Klaus Iohannis for PNL chairman and especially that I supported him for Romania’s Presidency,’ Ludovic Orban said on Thursday, ahead of the old PNL National Political Bureau, gathered to elect the new chairperson.
He expressed hope that the Bureau ‘will consider the wish expressed by the PNL’s base in the process of consultation organized in over 30 county branches, informs Agerpres.

“Let’s leave Ludovic to make his number,” said Klaus Iohannis the PNL’s incumbent national leader for only a few days until he will officially take over the prerogatives of the head of state, when he arrived at the Palace of Parliament right in the moment when Orban was talking to the media.


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