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February 7, 2023

President in office and president-elect have begun power transfer procedures

President in office Traian Basescu on Wednesday had a first one-to-one meeting with President-elect Klaus Iohannis. The two talked for an hour alone, with no one else present, even the advisers.

The Presidential Administration has not provided any details on the meting.


Iohannis: ‘I have met with the president in office for an exchange of information’


The only public information came from K. Iohannis, who wrote on Facebook that he and Basescu had had ‘an exchange of information on the presidential office’. ‘This evening I saw the President in office, Traian Basescu, at Cotroceni Palace, for an exchange of information on the presidential office I will take over on Sunday, 21 December, after being sworn-in by Parliament. I will see President Basescu again still at Cotroceni, on Sunday, for the festive ceremony marking the transfer of office’, the president-elect states.


Basescu: ‘No one gives advice to anyone’


President Traian Basescu said before departing for the European Council in Brussels, yesterday, that, during the talks Wednesday night, he had informed the President-elect, Klaus Iohannis, on his position at the Summit, noting he had not given him any advice, but just exchanged some information. ‘What I had said publicly was also one of the subjects I addressed with President Iohannis. I informed him on my position at the European Council’, Basescu said. Inquired whether he had given any advice to the president-elect, Traian Basescu answered: ‘No, no one gives advice to anyone, we just share information’.


Mystery also kept by spokesperson-designate


Tatiana Niculescu Bran, the spokesperson designated by Klaus Iohannis, said, Wednesday night, that the meeting of the president-elect and president in office at Cotroceni Palace, in preparation of the taking over of the presidential office, had lasted an hour. ‘This evening, President-elect Klaus Iohannis met with President in office Traian Basescu, at Cotroceni Palace, for an exchange of information on the take-over of the presidential office that will happen on Sunday’, K. Iohannis’ spokesperson-designate Tatiana Niculescu Bran reported.

It was the only meeting of the two presidents, one still in office and the other one elected, before Klaus Iohannis formally takes over office.


President to be worn in at 12:00 on Sunday


The president-elect will be sworn in during a solemn Parliament meeting on Sunday, 21 December, at 12:00. He will then go to Cotroceni for the office take-over ceremony, where he will be greeted by the guard of honour. After the state anthem is played, Klaus Iohannis will be greeted by Traian Basescu and presidential and state advisors, after which he will be seen by the president in his office.

There, Traian Basescu will hand over to Klaus Iohannis the State Seal, used by the president to offer awards, and the Order of the Star of Romania which, under the law, is automatically given to the president of Romania during the term in office.

After short private talks, President Klaus Iohannis will accompany Traian Basescu to the exit of the Palace, where he will receive military honours for the last time before leaving the highest office in the state.



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