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January 27, 2023

Almost 300,000 hectares of forest back to state management

The Romanian state has remained the owner of a surface of approximately 270,000 hectares of forest as a result of the lawsuits won by the Romsilva National Forest Administration (RNP) in the last two years, RNP Director General Adam Craciunescu  told early this week to a review.

“Two and a half years ago we had on the roll 5,000 lawsuits in various stages of progress, concerning the restitution of plots of forest, and now we have 3,000 lawsuits but for smaller plots or for some locations refused by those who had the right to receive restitutions. We won most of the lawsuits also thanks to the Finance Ministry – the state’s representative – which got involved and thus we managed to win lawsuits for a surface of approximately 269,656 hectares. This surface was in litigation and has now become state property for good,” Craciunescu said.

The most important plot of forest recovered by the state from Bucovina’s Romanian Orthodox Church Fund (FBORB) is located in Suceava County and totals 166,814 hectares, after a lawsuit that lasted over 12 years. Up next are former companies wronged during the restitution process, namely the Nadrag Anonymous Forestry Company – 11,144 hectares in Timis County; the Lomas Forestry Commercial Company  – 4,200 hectares in Vrancea County; the Carpatina Company – 2,021.6 hectares in Valcea County.

According to the data offered by the head of Romsilva, the surface validated for restitution by 1 December 2014 totaled 3.341 million hectares, out of a total surface of 6.470 million hectares, and the surface already restituted reached 3.177 million hectares.

Since 2010 Romsilva has been working under the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Forests and manages 3,266,494 hectares of state-owned forests, having approximately 18,000 employees and offering forestry services for 1,123,378 hectares of forests owned by public administrative units and by private owners.


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