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January 27, 2023

Defence Ministry announces memorial ceremonies in Bucharest in tribute to December 1989 Revolution heroes

The military and civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defence participate over December 20 – 22 in wreath and garland laying military ceremonies at the monuments dedicated to the martyr heroes who died 25 years ago for the victory of the 1989 Revolution, informs Agerpres.

In Bucharest, ceremonies will be held on December 20 as of 10:00 hrs at the Open-air Cross near the ‘Cenusa’ Crematorium and at noon at the monument dedicated to the martyr-heroes of Popesti-Leordeni, a release of the Ministry of National Defence announced on Friday.

On December 21, ceremonies will be held at 10:00 at the ‘Heroes of the Revolution’ cemetery, at 11:30 at the Open-air Cross near the Coltea Hospital, at 12:30 in the University Square, at 13:30 at the Dalles Hall and at 14:00 in Romana Square.

The string of tributes will continue on December 22 with a ceremony held at 9:00 at the monument honoring the Heroes of the Revolution in Revolution Square, at 10:00 next to the headquarters of the Romanian Radio Corporation, at 11:00 near the Open-air Cross in front of the building of the Romanian Television Broadcasting Corporation, and at 11:30 at the ‘Parachutists Cross’ near the same building which was a hot point of the Revolution.


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