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February 3, 2023

Traian Basescu’s legacy: A safe Romania than ever

President Traian Basescu has stated on Saturday during his last press conference  held at the Cotroceni Palace  that Romania is a safe state, his message to Romanians being that “we are safe”, informs Agerpres.

“Romania is safer than ever and from this point of view, my message to Romanians is that we are safe. In this architecture of national security (…), I must say, Romanian intelligence services, whether we speak of the SRI [Romanian Intelligence Service], whether we speak of the SIE [Foreign Intelligence Service] or the Army intelligence services, are totally connected to the intelligence systems of the allies, especially in the area of security information that target cooperation within NATO, but also relations within the strategic partnership with the United States”, said the head of state.

Traian Basescu stated that there is no risk for an invasion, Romania being in a solid alliance system.

“If we look at the aggresiveness of our eastern neighbor, of Mr. President Putin and his army, I assure you that Romania is, also, a safe state. For Romania there is no risk for invasion, the risk of destabilization projected from Moscow and this is not necessarily because Vladimir Putin is not interested in Romania, he is, but Romania is an a solid alliance system, within the NATO Alliance it has a strategic partnership with the USA, that gives it the comfort of not being alone in front of national security risks, Romania becoming a provider of security for many other NATO states, also through its military participations that it had in the Balkans, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Africa, occasion on which we can say that the Romanian Army servicemen have trained in theaters of operations. We have an army that has perfected itself in war conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the Balkans. So, we have a trained army”, said Basescu.

He explained that Romania provides security through the anti-missile shield in Deveselu.

“We provide security through the anti-missile shield in Deveselu. It is not destined only for protecting objectives on Romania’s soil against missile attacks, from wherever they may come. It is destined to also protect many other NATO states, including the US. Look at what is happening in the military base at Kogalniceanu. A high number, in the hundreds, of Marines are deployed there, ready at a moment’s notice to become a rapid intervention force. Look at the exercises that are continually ran in the Black Sea, exercises attended also by the Military Fleet of Romania and US, British and French warships. It was hard to imagine, in 2004, where this aspect will end up and what the developments will be in regards to allied support for Romania’s security”, the head of state explained.

Basescu added that at this moment decisions are being taken for the creation of two NATO commands on Romanian soil.

“Not least, at this moment, decisions are taken to create two NATO commands on Romanian soil and they need to become operational until 2016 and the next NATO summit, a battalion command and a NATO divisional command. So, from the point of view of security, Romania is safer than ever, my message to Romanians is that we are safe”, concluded President Traian Basescu at his last press conference held at the Cotroceni Palace in the capacity as Romania’s President in office.


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