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September 26, 2022

Vasile Blaga cuts off unequivocally any possibility of Basescu’s return to PDL

Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) chairman Vasile Blaga, National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairman, has stated, on Saturday, that he does not believe in a return of Traian Basescu to the old party he has led or to the new PNL, given that he has announced his estrangement from PDL publicly beforehand, reports Agerpres. “Sometimes grown men say strange things. I have discussed with a colleague of mine these things in Galati. Obviously, in the Statutes, both of the old PDL and of the old PNL (…) there is this statutory provision, I believe that it is found in all political parties in Romania, that presidents in power, if they were party members, may return to the party’s leadership. It won’t be the case with Mr. President Traian Basescu because he expressed his option pretty clearly: goodbye PDL! That’s life”, said the PDL chairman at the end of the Directoral College of the party, when asked of the possibility that President Traian Basescu return to PDL or the new PNL at the end of his mandate as head of state. Vasile Blaga has added, when asked what will happen if the current head of state submits a request regarding a return to PDL: “Can you see Mr. President Traian Basescu submitting such a request?”. “And I can’t see what organization will take him”, concluded PDL chairman.


Liberal unification committee to convene on January 5


Vasile Blaga stated also that he has convened, together with old National Liberal Party (PNL) chairperson Alina Gorghiu, that on January 5, 2015, the Liberal Unification Committee meet in a session in which to debate the criteria under which the PDL-PNL unification process is to be conducted. “I have discussed with Ms. chairperson Gorghiu the meeting, on Monday, January 5, at 11.00 EET, of the Unification Committee in order to begin setting criteria under which the unification of the two parties be conducted from the ground up. Certainly we will have to make a series of clear decisions regarding a possible law that PSD [Social Democrat Party] will have to send to Parliament following the unconstitutionality of ordinance 55. We have made a decision, but I cannot communicate it until after the other will agree with it. My colleagues have proposed a long series of criteria under which this unification process be conducted. I will present them to the Liberal Unification Committee”, said Blaga, on Saturday, after the PDL Directoral College meeting convened at the Parliament Palace.


PNL’s governing programme must be finalized until the end of January


Blaga also stated that in the old PDL there are working groups for the elaboration of a governing programme that must be finalized until the end of January, reports Agerpres. “There is a working group, we are not discussing nominations. I saw in the press names of potential ministers. (…) There are working groups on all areas and they have to draw up, until the end of January, in a first draft, the primary material, so we may discuss it in the country, in the organizations, but most importantly with those involved, the business environment, the social partners and I cannot hide that we are discussing these things with the World Bank and the IMF too. It happened last week too. We wish to see their points of view too”, stated Blaga, on Saturday, after the meeting of the PDL Directoral College held at the Palace of the Parliament. Furthermore, he agreed with the position of the National Liberal Party that state those who migrated from one party to another using provisions in the struck-down ordinance no. 55 must lose their mandates. “This is also our position. On the other hand, you know that a law does not function retroactively. I do not believe that the PSD [Social Democrat Party] that wound up with 500 mayors will say: “We are kicking you out!”. I don’t see that much morality in the PSD, even if in 436 cases they narrowly lost the presidential election in the localities in which mayors migrated towards them”, Blaga added.



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