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February 3, 2023

Alina Gorghiu, internal message to Liberals: “We prepare for overtaking power”

After being elected President of the old PNL and Co-President of the new PNL, Alina Gorghiu sent a message to all Liberals. If she was more reserved in the public official version, the informal version sent to members of the party clearly outlines that all of them must be prepared for overtaking the Government and more, stiripesurse.ro reports, publishing the entire message by Alina Gorghiu. “It is a great honour for me to be elected interim President of the old National Liberal Party, in which quality I represent you as Co-President of the grand National Liberal Party. I would like to thank you for the excellent collaboration during the electoral campaign that turned into the greatest political success in the post-revolution history of PNL – today, Romania has its first Liberal President, Mr. Klaus Iohannis. I wish to have you by my side and to work together as a team, in order to win the important political battles that await us from now on. Now, it is the time to build; we must join efforts to succeed for real in creating the great PNL at the level of local structures, not just at central level, as we managed to do already. I am aware of the responsibility handed over to me; my term at the top of PNL will be a time of fundamental decision for the future of the party and of right – wing politics in Romania – overtaking the Government and preparing for the local and general elections of 2016. I am confident that we will be able to face this responsibility, because I have you by my side, the members of the National Liberal Party. The National Liberal Party understood the meaning of the citizens’ vote on November 16, and I, as president of the party, assume that our actions and decisions will reflect Romanians’ wishes to reform the fundamental institutions of the state, to regain the trustworthiness of the political class and to improve the entire political democratic exercise. In order to achieve these objectives, the first step I see as a necessity is to open up the National Liberal Party in order to receive as many valuable persons as possible. Moreover, I assure you that the National Liberal party will be a trustworthy partner of Romania’s president. This partnership is granted legitimacy by the Romanians’ vote and is needed so that the projects Klaus Iohannis and PNL assumed in the electoral presidential campaign could be completed”, the message of PNL leader to her fellow Liberals, published in its entirety on the website stiripesurse.ro points out. The fact that “the achievement of winning the Presidency by PNL represents an honour” and “a chance the party truly wished for” was outlined by Ms. Gorghiu on Saturday evening, during the show “Beyond News”, on the TV station Antena 3. “It is a great opportunity. It is an opportunity I wanted deeply and it is an honour. It is, obviously, I great responsibility, but it implies risks. Risks are inherent to absolutely all public positions, to any dignity in Romania”, Alina Gorghiu mentioned. “We are a party that, for the first time, managed to win Romania’s Presidency. We are a party that, at this time, has the majority of voters’ options, mostly due to Klaus Iohannis, and, to a great extent of over 40 per cent, due to the program we had in the electoral campaign”, the PNL leader added. Journalist Mircea Badea, denied access on Saturday at Cotroceni, for President Traian Basescu’s final press conference, was granted support by the PNL leader. In the TV show broadcasted by Antena 3, Alina Gorghiu, PNL president, criticised the Presidential Administration’s decision. “Mircea Badea should have been granted access to the conference, like any other journalist. Probably, a press release will be issued to explain what happened”, Gorghiu declared for Antena 3.


Gorghiu: My doctor’s degree is one of the few things I am certain of


In the same show, Alina Gorghiu wished to deny any allegations on plagiarism of her doctoral dissertation. Alina Gorghiu, the new President of PNL, has a doctor’s degree in Law, issued in the year 2012. Having graduated a private university in Bucharest, Gorghiu attended post-graduate studies at the University of Iasi. Gorghiu swears that her work is authentic, not plagiarized. On the contrary, she claims that her work may be developed in a new law. “My doctor’s degree is one of the few things I am certain of. I may provide it in electronic format to anyone who wants to examine it. My doctoral dissertation may be genuinely helpful to people who will work at the forthcoming election law, because the work is entitled ‘Crimes against Electoral Rights’”, Gorghiu declared for Antena 3.




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