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February 4, 2023

Catalin Predoiu: I am ready to be Prime Minister and form a competent government

Catalin Predoiu, Prime Vice-President of PNL, designated to be the future premier on behalf of the new PNL, is working with a PNL-PDL team on the future ruling strategy, according to an interview offered to ‘Romania libera’ daily. ‘On 16 November, the Romanian citizens gave a vote for Iohannis, for a different kind of politics and, implicitly, for a new government. If we hide from this truth, we will disappoint and lose public support. This is why we have continued to work on the working group to write the ruling programme. That’s the first concrete step. (…) The first draft will be ready at the end of January. We can publicly present our programme in February’, said the Prime Vice-President of PNL.


‘We could also remain <plugged in> for 12 weeks to prepare the ruling programme in parallel’


He is of the opinion that their plan will become reality in three months, during which time they will need to obtain a majority in Parliament and complete the actual merger of the new PNL.‘If there were Romanians who stayed out in the cold for 12 hours to vote for Iohannis and to remove Ponta, we could also remain <plugged in> for 12 weeks, in warm offices, and prepare the ruling programme, the parliamentary majority and homogeneity of the party in parallel, Catalin Predoiu also noted. Predoiu said there were only two ways in which they could come to power: ‘a no-confidence vote followed by a new majority or snap election’. Asked about their strategy, he answered: ‘I am ready to be a premier who forms a competent, upright, pragmatic and effective government, opened to the party, citizens and business environment, opened to the world. I do not want to anticipate a strategy, because that will need to be first discussed in the party.’


‘Until 2016, PSD and Ponta can make a political recovery if we let them rise’


On the possibility of waiting for the 2016 election in order to come to power following an election, Predoiu said: ‘Until 2016, PSD and Ponta can make a recovery if we let them rise. They are now on their knees, puzzled, even if they guise that. We need to inflict the political finishing stroke – pull down the government headed by the incompetent and deceiving Prime Minister Ponta. Since 16 November, have an imperative mandate to politically annihilate the Ponta Government. If we pretend we don’t get it for various reasons, we will be punished in 2016’.

Predoiu also said ministers’ names could not be mentioned yet, but noted that he encouraged the appointment of new people. ‘I am calling upon the party organizations, leaders as well as 2nd and 3rd tiers to propose for analysis new names, competent people, capable of taking responsibilities. I am calling upon the civil society, professions, academic community and especially the business environment ‘to throw’ into the arena people who have demonstrated things well done in their careers’, said the prime minister designated by PNL.

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