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February 8, 2023

JETRO’s mission: To support the mutual investment between Romania and Japan

Organizatia Japoneza pentru Comert Exterior – JETRO Bucharest office is a governmental organization and has been functioning in Romania since 1971 as a non-profit entity. Our mission is to support the mutual investment between Romania and Japan and promote the export from Japan to Romania. By organizing events, such as business meetings, exhibitions or seminars, we are trying to achieve one of our traditional and important missions.

In fact, we are glad to say that this year has turned out to be quite fruitful for the activity of JETRO Bucharest office. In May 2014, JETRO Bucharest, with the kind support of local water companies, organized 2 events (seminars and business meetings), in Craiova and Pitesti, where Japanese companies presented to the local authorities and Romanian companies the advantages of the Japanese products and technologies in water management sector.

The most recent event, “Japanese Component Buyer Exhibition – BUCHAREST 2014” was organized by JETRO Bucharest on November 18th, where we managed to bring together Japanese manufacturers in Europe, in search of products from local market and Romanian suppliers, with the purpose of having direct business meetings with each other. 10 Japanese companies from Europe participated as Exhibitors (buyers). The requested products were destined for automotive sector, railway, construction, industrial automation, production of tools and electric equipments etc. On the other side, as potential Suppliers, 34 companies participated at the event, most of them from Romania. According to the feedback received not only from the Japanese Exhibitors, but also from the Romanian Suppliers, the event was a success. We are extremely satisfied and we hope that, as a result of this event, as many of them as possible will have good long term collaborations in the future, profitable for both sides, thus contributing to the development of the Romanian – Japanese economic relations.

In general, many Japanese manufacturers have already set up their factories in Europe, and we would like to support their business, especially to find good supplier candidates, because most of them are not familiar with the potential and technology level of the Romanian suppliers.

In terms of Japanese investments in Romania, unfortunately, official data does not include indirect investments, via European subsidiaries, for example, established by Japanese companies. There are more Japanese investments in reality than the figure from bilateral statistics. According to our calculations, around 80% of Japanese manufacturers and their number of employees in Romania are made by indirect investments, through the European countries. At the present time, according to our research, there are 150 Japanese companies operating in Romania. Among these, there are 26 manufacturers with around 32,000 employees. Almost 70% of the manufacturers are in automotive sector, some of which have activity in other sectors as well.

There are also several Japanese manufacturers who extended their factories or who intend to do it in the future. Hopefully this will encourage other Japanese manufacturers to come here as well. Romania is a well-balanced country in some aspects, with good quality products and cost competitive, especially for the manufacturers.

Especially in Europe, one of JETRO’s important missions is acting as a consultant to support foreign companies willing to invest in Japan, through a program called “Invest Japan”, which includes offering comprehensive business and industry information available through Business Advisors, events, website and booklets. JETRO has succeeded in attracting over 1,000 foreign companies to Japan since 2003. In 2013 Japan’s foreign direct investment inward stock from European Union had a value of 68,462 million US dollars, more than 40% from the global figure.

Japan and EU are currently engaged in negotiations regarding Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), which we hope will help mutual investment to continuously increase in the future.

In terms of exports from Japan to Romania, thanks to your continuous and kind respect, many of the Japanese advantages in automotive, electronic devices, specific machines for each industry could be brought to Romania. Moreover, Japan is able to provide cutting edge technologies for environment, infrastructure and energy; also in sectors such as life science, creative industry (such as fashion, design, movies, animation, music etc.), and especially food and drinks, which are hot issue on Euopean market. We are also supporting Japanese service industries (such as retail, wholesale, restaurants) to enlarge their business abroad. JETRO is strengthening these “Japanese Brands” to deeply penetrate on the global market.

In general, we try to keep a constant connection with the most important and relevant authorities, organizations and institutions, in order to receive and provide updated and relevant information for Japanese companies interested in the Romanian market. With this occasion, we thank all authorities, institutions, organizations and companies that gave us, with each collaboration, their kind support and help.

JETRO was established in 1958, to promote trade comprehensively and efficiently. Since then, JETRO has not only succeeded in expanding trade between Japan and other countries, but has also pursued a wide variety of activities, such as promoting foreign direct investments and supporting Japanese companies to export from Japan. There are 75 JETRO overseas offices, out of which 17 are in Europe.

JETRO Website: www.jetro.go.jp

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