Tradeville analysis: Romania attractive for global investors in 2015 and in the long term

The global investors should express a growing interest in the Bucharest Stock Exchange in 2015 and in the long term, recognizing the positive results of the local economy, at least in relative terms, shows an analysis of the Tradeville brokerage house.

‘The third historical wave of appreciation of the dollar could be now at its beginning, triggering the risk of crisis in the emerging economies, but Romania is not so vulnerable. (…) Compared to the leitmotif of the emerging economies surprised by the dollar’s appreciation in a difficult context, with impressive current account deficits, usually financed in the US currency, Romania is well positioned. Its financial system in recent years has not experienced euphoria related to foreign capital inflows, to risk now a violent settlement. It has even managed recently to post current account surpluses, in contrast to the years before the 2008 crisis,’ Global Macro Strategist Tradeville, Mihai Nichisoiu said in a release to Agerpres on Monday.

The Tradeville analysis mentions that there are other chapters very sensitive to investors, where Romania recorded positive results. The performance of the local economy continues to surprise the analysts’ expectations and Romania tops constantly the economies of the European Union and relates favorably to some emerging economies that were incredibly attractive only a few years ago, such as Turkey or Brazil.


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