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June 26, 2022

President Iohannis rules out a long-term collaboration with a PSD government

One day after his first official institutional meeting with Prime Minister Victor Ponta, President Klaus Iohannis ruled out a long –term collaboration with a Social Democrat government. While Victor Ponta expressed his satisfaction after the first institutional meeting with the new Romanian President and qualified it on his Facebook page as “very useful and efficient”, Klaus Iohannis, in an interview with the French publication L’express published on Tuesday has nuanced his position well known regarding a cohabitation with a PSD Government.He expressed hope that such a government will have a short life and said that things will perform properly in Romania only with a Liberal government.

“Things will not perform properly until the government will not be from the same political party with me, not from the opposite side. It will not happen quickly, but I hope that the change to take place no later than 2015. Or in 2016, after the legislative elections, “said President Klaus Iohannis in the interview with the French publication. Iohannis says his relationship with Ponta will not be like cat and mouse and that he hopes that the PSD government will fall at the first motion of censure. “When I announced my candidacy I said I wanted to do things differently, in a different style to address the politics: less fuss, less noise, more concentration on core issues. That’s exactly what I’ll do. You are not going to see me arguing on television with the prime minister, whoever he may be. The fact that the Prime Minister is now my former opponent in the election campaign,  for sure represents a special  note, and perhaps it will make the collaboration bit more complicated and more difficult to manage, but regardless of this, what needs to be solved are Romanians’ problems , not of a President or a prime minister. I will do so that working with the government to be correct and fair. But perhaps PSD government … will not exist for a long time, “said Iohannis.



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