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February 1, 2023

The Magic of Winter Holidays

Certainly, the most beautiful and beloved holiday, both by children and grown-ups, is Christmas. A holiday of over two millennia, spread all over the globe, the Christians’ most important holiday is always awaited with emotion and joy. Christmas is associated to winter romance, to the purity of the snow and it is a very touching celebration especially for children, as they await the coming of Santa Claus.

The religious meaning of Christmas is the birth of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, Son of God, sent to the Earth in order to help people become better, more faithful and more gentle. This celebration means the birth, the creation and the eternity of the Universe.

By birth, humanity is perpetuated and life becomes eternal. These days, we are better, more cheerful, healthier and more humane. Everybody, from children to the elderly, joyfully remembers Christmas holidays and the special moments they experienced. Children unpatiently wait for Santa Claus, in front of whom they honestly admit whether they were good or whether they did nasty things. They know that Santa is forgiving and brings them gifts, especially if they tell a poem or sing a Christmas carol.

Grown-ups and the elderly are moved remembering their childhood and the Christmas gifts they received, even if they were poor. As children, we did not understand why Santa Claus brought more gifts to some children and fewer gifts to others. The explanation usually came from our parents and it was very simple: Santa Clause brings more gifts to children who have been very good. This is a very serious argument nowadays as well, and a powerful motivation for children who will do their best to become better, more hard-working and more dutiful, so that they would receive more gifts next year.

Besides the arrival of Santa Claus, another joy is the Christmas tree. This adored tree, green throughout the year, fills our homes with the scent of the forest and is a symbol of purity and eternity. The entire family gleefully attends the ritual of decorating the tree with colourful balls, tinsel, Christmas sweets and little lights.

In the marvelous Christmas evening, it is touching to listen to the carols that announce the birth of Jesus, sent by God to bring redemption to people of sins, hatred and envy. Children go to sing from home to home and struggle with the cold and the snow to sing happy and lively songs, although their noses are frozen. They are rewarded with gifts, cakes, nuts, apples, etc.

Christmas holidays are wonderful especially at the countryside, where ancient traditions are followed. The winter landscape is incredibly beautiful; houses are lightened, candles and colourful globes are shining through the windows and tables are filled by traditional dishes: sausages, cabbage rolls, hog’s pudding, ring biscuits and cakes. The memories of Christmas holidays make us sad sometimes, because we cannot turn back time, yet, it is wonderful to receive the visits of our children and grandchildren, who wish us the best and warm our hearts with their youth and joy.



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