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January 27, 2023

The most beautiful ski destinations in Romania

Although it cannot be compared to other countries famous as ski destinations due to an infrastructure that has yet to develop, Romania, having a third of its territory covered by the Carpathian Mountains, provides tourists the opportunity to ski in many beautiful and relatively inexpensive winter resorts


The Prahova Valley – Brasov area


The best known Romanian winter resorts are found in Brasov – Prahova Valley, where most slides in Romania are located. These are numerous and there is a well developed network of cable traction devices (aerial tramways, gondolas, chairlifts, skis for toddlers) and some of the slides are equipped with night lighting devices and artificial snow towers. Usually, the snow lasts from December to March, and sometimes, one may ski even by the end of April on the Bucegi Mountains Plateau. Best ski resorts in the area are Sinaia, Azuga, Busteni, Poiana Brasov, Paraul Rece, Sacele. On the Western side of the Bucegi Mountains, ski slides were created near the localities Bran, Moeciu and Fundata.


Northern Moldova


The main ski resort in Northern Moldova is Vatra Dornei, which also hosts the longest ski slide in the country. Other ski destinations in Suceava County may be found near the localities Carlibaba, Campulung Moldovenesc and Sucevita. In Neamt County, ski slides are found near the city of Piatra Neamt and at the Durau resort.




The best known winter resort in the County of Maramures is Borsa, located on the Western side of the Rodna Mountains. Here is one of Romania’s most challenging ski slides. On the Southern side of Rodna Mountains, in Bistrita Nasaud County, ski slopes were create near the Valea Blaznei winter camp. Other ski – appropriate locations in Maramures are found in the Ignis-Gutai Mountains area, nearing the resorts Cavnic, Izvoare, Mogosa, Suior.


Harghita and Covasna


Due to lower-temperature winters and heavier snowfalls than those of other regions, Harghita si Covasna Counties benefit of a great number of localities that provide ski slides. Thus, in Harghita County, one may ski at Harghita Bai, Harghita Madaras, Izvorul Muresului, Toplita, Gheorghieni, Ciumani, Meresti, Bucin, Miercurea Ciuc, Homorod Resort, Tusnad Resort and Sanmartin. In Covasna County, people may ski at Balvanyos, Comandau, Ghelinta and Sugas. Nearby, in Mures County, tourists may go skiing to the resort Sovata.




In Banat, the best-known ski resort is Semenic. The climate of the region favours winter sports as snow lasts longer hear, compared to other ski – appropriate locations in the country. Here, snow lasts from December to May. The area provides another ski resort as well: Muntele Mic. This resort may be visited by chairlift, the chairlift with the longest route in the country.


Parang – Jiu Valley


During the last few years, several ski resorts developed in Parang – Jiu Valley. Due to outstanding conditions provided, these resorts entered the preferences’ list of many ski enthusiasts all over Romania. The ski appropriate area in Parang Mountains may be reached by chairlift from the city of Petrosani. In the South of the Parang Mountain, there is the Ranca resort, accessible from the city Novaci. Also, in Jiu Valley, from the city Lupeni, one may access another important ski resort of Romania, Straja


Other ski resorts


In Fagaras Mountains, tourists may ski at Balea Lake.

At Cindrel Mountain, ski destinations are provided by the highest – placed resort of the country, Paltinis.

In the Sureanu Mountains area, a new ski opportunity was created near the locality Piatra Raiului.

In Retezat Mountains, a ski slide was arranged near the complex Cheile Butii.

Apuseni Mountains provide several destinations for skiing at Arieseni, Albac, Stana de Vale and Baisoara.

Arieseni is located in Tara Motilor, at an altitude of 950 metres, on the highway that connects Alba and Campeni de Oradea.

A ski slide was also built close to Cluj, on Feleacului Hill.

In the Bistrita Nasaud County, ski slides were created at Piatra Fantanele.



Best Slides for Beginners Chart


According to expert, the best slides for beginners are ranked as follows:

1. Poiana Brasov

2. Cazacu – Azuga

3. Cavnic-Maramures

4. Platos Arena – Paltinis

5. Valea Dorului – Sinaia



Best Medium-Difficulty Slides Chart


The chart of intermediate level slides is gloriously led by Poiana Brasov, too. Here are the top locations:

1. Poiana Brasov

2. Valea Dorului – Sinaia

3. New Slide at Altitude 1,400 – Sinaia

4. Kalinderu – Busteni

5. Sorica – Azuga.



Best Advanced Slides Chart


The great masters is skiing techniques may enjoy a few really challenging slides for advanced skiers. The best of them are:

1.Poiana Brasov – the entire skiing area

2. Sinaia – the entire skiing area

3. Kalinderu – Busteni

4. Platos Arena – Paltinis

5. Sub Teleferic – Predeal


Top 5 Winter resorts


Winter holidays are an opportunity for Romanians and foreigners alike to leave their homes in order to find rest and to savour the beauty of winter. Here are the Romanian resorts preferred for the cold season.

1 Prahova Valley Area

2 Brasov Area

3 Arieseni, Borsa, Vatra Dornei, Campulung Moldovenesc

4 Bran-Moeciu Area

5 Apuseni Mountains, Maramures, Bucovina, Marginimea Sibiului


Transalpina, Romania’s pride


As far as winter tourism is concerned, Romania may boast with two exquisite offers. These are Balea Lake and Transalpina. Although they are located at considerable distance from one another (not a huge distance, though), they have at least one thing in common: dizzying serpentines at high altitude, providing breath-taking beautiful landscapes.

Transalpina, the highest – located highway in Romania, is also included in a world chart of the most beautiful winter destinations, besides Bear Lake in Alaska and Churchill resort, in Canada. Also nicknamed Romania’s most spectacular highway, Transalpina starts at the locality Novaci in Gorj County and ends at Sebes in Alba County, reaching a total length of approximately 130 kilometres. Nonetheless, the highway is closed for winter, Opentravel announces.


The Hotel of Ice at Balea Lake


Breathtaking landscapes — the serpent-like road, the Balea fall and the glacial lakes — the 2,034m altitude the road is reaching in the proximity of the Balea glacial cirque, the crossing of the longest route tunnel in Romania (887 m) make the Transfagarasan the track preferred by drivers, cyclists, motorists and amateurs of mountain wanderings. Not randomly the Top Gear specialists called it ‘a fabulous road, the most amazing we’ve ever seen!’

This Year, the Touristic Marketing Project “Hotel of Ice — Balea Lac” comes with  new challenge for tourists: Zodiac! The ice hotel built every winter at Balea Lake will provide tourists twelve rooms dedicated to astrological signs.

The Hotel Of Ice at Balea Lake is in the chart of preferences by nonconformist tourists worldwide, and they give up the heating in a traditional hotel room for the fascinating experience of accommodation in a frozen hotel.

This genuine magnet for Romanian and foreign tourists alike was visited each winter by approximately 15,000 persons. The Hotel of Ice party starts before Christmas and continues each year until April and sometimes May, depending on the weather as Hotel of Ice, the only objective of this sort in South-Eastern Europe is built out of snow and “bricks” manufactured from the ice of Balea Lake.



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