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January 27, 2023

Daily Express: Romania hopes Iohannis may finally be able to lead the country out of the shadow of the Ceausescu years

“It’s 25 years since Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena (photo)  met a grisly fate, executed on Christmas Day, after decades of crimes against their people,” writes the UK’s Daily Express in its electronic edition in an article titled ” The end of Mr and Mrs Evil: How Ceausescu’s regime met a grisly fate”.

“The few hundred Romanians who gathered this week to hear speeches and reminiscences in Bucharest’s University Square may have been small in number but the event they were marking remains a scar on the country’s collective consciousness. Christmas Day 1989 saw the swift overthrow and execution of one of Europe’s cruellest dictators, Nicolae Ceausescu and his vain and fiercely ambitious wife Elena. They were shot by firing squad minutes after a show trial in which they were found guilty of genocide, illegally gathering wealth and crimes against the Romanian people,” writes the British paper that makes an X-ray of the Ceausescu regime and the years of monstrosities and authoritarianism of its communist regime until the anti-communist uprising that ended in Ceausescu’s execution in the Christmas Day of 1989.

“Even today the repercussions of the Ceausescus remain. Romania is still swamped by £70billion of foreign debt and politically remains mired in corruption, infighting and economic problems. Socially the effects on its people have been catastrophic not least with the thousands of children left in the country’s infamous orphanages,” writes Daily Express.

“But this week Romania swore in a new president. Klaus Iohannis, a former teacher from an ethnic minority group and a political outsider, stunned the country by defeating Left-wing prime minister Victor Ponta in elections in November – largely because of the votes of Romanians living abroad, including the UK. His country now hopes he may finally be able to lead Romania out of the shadow of the Ceausescu years,” concludes the British paper.



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