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May 22, 2022

Small traders complain their sales have diminished, denounce the hyper-markets’ unfair competition

The period of the winter holidays has confirmed that due to the hyper-markets’ unfair competition, the small traders’ sales diminished, the executive secretary of the Small and Medium-sized Traders of Romania National Association (ANCMMR), Cora Muntean, told Agerpres.

“This period of winter holidays confirms our fear that the situation of the small and medium-sized traders turns graver with the day. Of course, their sales’ level has grown too, yet much less than in other years. This situation we have notified to the authorities is mainly caused by the unfair competition of the hyper-markets placed right in the core of the cities (and not at the outskirts as it is the rule in all the countries which understand to defend and protect their own traders). As for Bucharest capital city, there is a retail chain, already becoming a phenomenon through its expansion, which became toxic, and the Competition Council should notice that this hyper-market has already a monopolistic attitude, and take measures,” Cora Muntean said.

Neither did the large suppliers have a more correct attitude towards the small traders. They also preferred the hyper-markets for their promotions.

“Under these circumstances, no matter how much patriotism a buyer has, he/she would go where it is cheaper. If these places are where they should, meaning some kilometres far from the city, almost certainly the buyer would consider the time and costs he has to pay to get there. To have a picture on the critical situation, one should say that not only the small shops have had weak sales, but also those which are bigger in dimensions and are suffocated, figuratively and literally by the hyper-markets,” Cora Muntean added.

ANCMMR also accuses the local authorities for giving building authorisations for the hyper-markets exactly in the vicinity of the shops running for years in certain places.


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