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November 30, 2022

Traian Basescu: To be, or not to be the PDL Prime Minister…

About “Traian Basescu, the possible future prime minister of the PDL or great PNL” version, there have been rumors long before the former head of state wrapping  his presidential mandate. The scenario with Basescu Prime Minister was circulated also during the presidential election campaign by the PSD candidate Victor Ponta, or by circles closed to his party, but was always denied by the Liberal Christian Alliance (ACL) leaders, who have always claimed that their future prime minister would be Catalin Predoiu, after their candidate  Klaus Iohannis would win the elections.

Rumors that Basescu might  be the possible future premier after Klaus Iohannis’s victory in the elections  have not stopped even when he has announced his intention to join Elena Udrea’s party,  PMP. And not even after Elena Udrea said at the National Council of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) not long ago that Traian Basescu would run for the chairmanship of the party at the Congress due in March.

As already known, after Klaus Iohannis  won the election, Catalin Predoiu has immediately formed  his shadow cabinet and started to work on governance program, having in mind the  idea, as repeatedly stated,  to be prepared to take the Executive’s helm as soon as the PSD government will lose the support of the parliamentary majority.

The day before Basescu concluded his official mandate as head of state, the PDL leader Vasile Blaga has vehemently denied any possibility for his  return in the party and more than that, to be the next prime minister of the new Liberal Party to be formed after the merger between the PDL and the old PNL.

”Sometimes grown men say strange things. I have discussed with a colleague of mine these things. Obviously, in the Statutes, both of the old PDL and of the old PNL (…) there is this statutory provision, I believe that it is found in all political parties in Romania, that presidents in power, if they were party members, may return to the party’s leadership. It won’t be the case with Mr. President Traian Basescu because he expressed his option pretty clearly: goodbye PDL! That’s life”, said the PDL chairman at the end of the Directoral College of the party, when asked of the possibility that President Traian Basescu returns  to PDL or the new PNL at the end of his mandate as head of state. Vasile Blaga has added, when asked what will happen if Basescu  submits a request regarding a return to PDL: “Can you see Mr. President Traian Basescu submitting such a request?”. “And I can’t see what organization will take him”, concluded  the PDL chairman.

Blaga’s denial has found support and was reinforced and confirmed by the very words of Traian Basescu during his last press conference as Romania’s President in office when he made the balance sheet of his two terms as head of state.

When asked if he had the prime minister office in view, he said that his only thought was to go home, adding that he would use an office at the People’s Movement Party (PMP), but that he had no political projects yet. “I have only one thought: I want to go home (…)  After you have been president, you don’t want to be prime minister”, Traian Basescu told journalists at his last press conference held at the Cotroceni Palace.

However, on Friday, a PDL leader, gave the impression in a TV show that the version “Traian Basescu  Prime Minister” is not totally impossible and unthinkable, but on the contrary, that it is a real possibility. Liberal Democrats, through the voice of the PDL leader in the Chamber of Deputies Tinel Gheorghe, say they would be ready to make a deal with Elena Udrea’s PMP and to put Basescu  premier in order to oust Ponta’s government.  “In the spring of 2012, Victor Ponta made a brotherhood with Gabi Oprea (UNPR). (…) Yes, what we should do now … is to create a new political majority that should govern Romania,” said Tinel Gheorghe on Friday during the “100 minutes” TV show on Antena 3, when asked about a possible alliance with PMP that might ask in exchange that Traian Basescu be nominated as PM.

Until the political reality will confirm or deny these rumors, one thing is certain. Traian Basescu is already…the “Prime Minister of his nephews government,” as proved by pictures posted by him on his Facebook page on Saturday withe the title “A grandfather- traction”.


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