Cristian Diaconescu invites Traian Basescu to join the People’s Movement Foundation

People’s Movement Foundation, led by Cristian Diaconescu,  has launched a public invitation to  the  former President of Romania, Traian Basescu, for joining the Foundation, “to continue the initiated projects “. “People’s Movement Foundation assumes to further modernize Romania and strengthen the rule of law projects initiated by President Traian Basescu. President Traian Basescu was the one who initiated and supported many of the achievements of the Romanian society, being part of the process of strengthening democracy and building the rule of law. Independent judiciary, Euro-Atlantic orientation in foreign policy and reforming fundamental institutions are successful achievements to which President Traian Basescu made a decisive contribution, “says a statement of People’s Movement Foundation.

In the document signed by the president of the organization, Cristian Diaconescu, a former presidential adviser to Traian Basescu, it is also stated that “the most important legacy of Traian Basescu is the consistent pro Western foreign policy and the total split of Romania by the communist regime practices”. “I invite Mr. Traian Basescu, as de facto leader of the Popular Movement to join the People’s Movement Foundation to continue the initiated projects,” reads the statement.


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