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February 7, 2023

Constitutional Court rules the 2015 State Budget constitutional

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) on Monday ruled the 2015 State Budget constitutional. The CCR ruling comes in response to the notification of the National Liberal Party concerning the unconstitutionality of the law on the state budget for 2015.

The draft budget law and the draft law on the state social security budget for 2015 were approved in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate on December 21st.As many as 339 of the MPs voted in favour of the budget law, 141 of them voted against it. In the case of the state social security budget, 329 MPs voted in favour of it, 148 against.Prime Minister Victor Ponta made in Parliament, an appeal to responsibility, showing that any contestation to the Constitutional Court of the 2015 state budget would result in delaying the increase in pensions, granting subsidies or the reduced VAT in tourism.“I want to make one single appeal: for seriousness and responsibility. I understand political and politicking positions but I want to send all citizens of this country that, to the extent to which this budget will be challenged at the Constitutional Court and will not take effect as of January 1, 2015, all those who expect increased pensions, subsidies, those who sell travel packages with reduced VAT will wait in vain and will have to ask the colleagues who contest to the Constitutional Court why pensions are not increased,” Ponta told parliamentarians.Prime Minister Victor Ponta made this statement after Liberal MP Eugen Nicolaescu announced  in the plenum, that the PNL and PDL groups would contest the budget law to Romania’s Constitutional Court.


Andreea Paul: If the 2015 budget is declared unconstitutional, the promised increases are not altered


Increase of the minimum wage or pensions is exclusively up to the Government’s will and knowledge of the law, if the 2015 budget is declared unconstitutional, the PNL’s first deputy chairperson, Andreea Paul, told RFI on Monday morning as the Constitutional Court was ruling the PNL’s objections to the budget law  that claimed the violation of certain laws. Andreea Paul has stated that “the public finances law clearly specifies in the Article 37 how to allocate money for the next year, if the budget does not enter into force on 1 January. That article says this: it will be spent every month the 12th part of the costs incurred in the previous year; for justified expenses, you can make requests to the Ministry of Finance to accept the increase of budget expenditures and here it’s explicitly about raising the minimum wage or about increase of pensions or other social assistance measures which are set out in thelegislation already adopted, and already published in the Official Gazette, therefore being in force “. First deputy chair of the Liberals  says that “if the state budget law is to be declared unconstitutional, is not altered in any way the application of these measures to increase the minimum wage or to increase pensions. On the contrary, they are  exclusively up to the Government’s will and of course, to its knowledge of the law. ”


Zegrean: The Court judges would be very careful to the PNL’s appeal


President of the Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean (photo) has stated  on Monday morning that the Court judges would be very careful to the PNL’s appeal on State Budget 2015.  Zegrean wanted to clarify that PNL  claimed in this appeal the alleged violation of certain laws, and no problem with the money allocated in the budget.



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