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January 27, 2023

Gazprom reduces natural gas supplies to Romania by 30 pct, Energy Minister says it is not a reason of concern

Gazprom has reduced by 30 per cent the natural gas supplies to Romania, but Energy Minister Andrei Gerea maintains that no problems have been registered so far and the reduction ranges within the contract provisions.
‘I can tell you that such a reduction ranges within, let us say, an average of the past few months, when we had constant reductions from the quantities requested, accounting for around 20-30 per cent. I would not say it is a reason of concern in particular. The system can currently deal with this and we shall analyse the problem. My colleagues have already been collecting data. We shall also prepare a more official position after we have all the data,’ Energy Minister Andrei Gerea told B1 TV private television broadcaster.
The Minister also underscored that for now there wasn’t any problem and the supply reduction ranged within the contract provisions. Gerea pointed out he would come back with a more detailed plan during the day.
In October this year, Gazprom reduced several times the natural gas supplies to Romania.
Romania’s current total consumption stands at 25.5 million cubic metres per day, while the natural gas domestic production accounts for 31 million cubic metres per day.


PNL’s Predoiu: Try to be creative, Mr. Prime Minister  Ponta!


First vice-president of the new PNL, Catalin  Predoiu,  has asked  Prime Minister Victor Ponta to rapidly present a solution in front of the nation on the security strategy for gas supply.  “Gazprom has decided today a further reduction in the gas supply to Romania by 30%. (…) The European Commission threatens Romania with the Court if until January it will not present the security strategy for the  gas supply, a strategy that should have been presented to Brussels since 2012. Is Romania ready to face any gas supply disruptions? That is what the European Commission has tried to find out already for three years now. I ask the Premier to come quickly before the nation with an explanation and a solution. I ask him also do not exclude the use of diplomacy as a tool for stress relief situation, since energy has become a geopolitical issue. Try to be creative, Mr. Prime Minister Ponta! “, wrote Predoiu on Facebook.



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