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February 4, 2023

President Iohanis promulgates the state budget law and the state social insurance law for 2015

President Klaus Iohannis on Monday signed the decree for the promulgation of the state budget law for 2015 and the decree on the promulgation of the state social insurance law for 2015, following the decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) of rejecting the PNL’s unconstitutionality notification, the Presidential Administration informs.


Ponta: A very good news for all Romanians


Prime Minister Victor Ponta hailed  Klaus Iohannis decision to promulgate the state budget law  immediately after the Constitutional court  has ruled that it is constitutional and rejected the National Liberal Party’s unconstitutionality notification. “A very good news for all Romanians!,” commented Victor Ponta, on his Facebook page.

The Prime Minister added: “If someone really understood why the Liberals have challenged the state budget law to the CCR  (for one of their amendment by the way), I ask him to explain to me! Maybe the colleagues from PNL-PDL will understand that people expect us ALL to change (not just some) for better, getting rid of scandal and unnecessary confrontations ”


PSD’s Firea: PNL, an irresponsible party


Gabriela Firea, the PSD’s spokesperson  said that  “PNL has done everything possible to block the normal functioning of public institutions since January. This is the only reason why Liberals  attacked the budget for 2015 to CCR, because no responsible politician would oppose to wage increases in education and health, or to reduction of taxes such as VAT in tourism or the one for special constructions and to maintenance to reduced rates to others, such as the CAS to employer or the VAT for bread”.

“The Liberals have told Romanians they do not care about their fate, that they are against tax cuts and wage increases, and the indexation of pensions. To achieve a petty political objective, PNL has endangered a budget praised by many analysts, a budget set for further economic growth and also a budget that does not forget the need for measures of social justice. We have said since autumn that PNL disagrees with increasing pensions and we were right. Even from opposition they tried to block the increase of pensions by 5% through the budget challenging to CCR. In the event of a decision of unconstitutionality, the money for this measures could not be used. We welcome the CCR’s decision. Unfortunately, even if the constitutional judges have rejected this complaint, one thing is clear: PNL is an irresponsible party desperately to take the power, decided to block the functioning of the state to achieve this objective. ”


Alina Gorghiu: Many of the figures and estimates are unrealistic


PNL’s co-chair Alina Gorghiu has reacted on Monday, shortly after the Romanian Constitutional Court judges decided that the 2015 budget law is constitutional. “PNL respects the CCR’s decision regarding the budget law.We are waiting to see how the PSD will comply with the proposed budgetary scheme. Many of the figures and estimates are unrealistic , showing the PSD’s lack of vision regarding Romania’s development axes. Parties must learn to respect the time limits imposed by law, because a law is made to be respected,” wrote Alina Gorghiu on Monday on her Facebook account.






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