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January 27, 2023

The Gov’t amends National Education Law, provides for possibility to relinquish the academic degrees

The Government amended through an emergency ordinance passed during its Monday meeting, the National Education Law, setting in place, among others, the legal framework governing the regime of scientific degrees.

“Relinquishing a scientific degree must be done with utmost responsibility. (…) Through such an action one doesn’t relinquish just a diploma, but this means giving up on the entire training process pursued in order to obtain that diploma. (…) Someone who gives up the degree and who would then want to access this scientific degree again must resume on the one hand the entire three-year doctoral training process, go again through the three to four years implied by the acquisition of a license or the two years for a master’s degree, and on the other hand also pay in order to attend the tuition-charging education form throughout this process,” Minister of Education Sorin Cimpeanu said on Monday  quoted by Agerpres.

He added that that the law does not require the person who gives up the degree to pay compensation to the state for the money invested in his/her training, and neither is the respective person required to state the reasons for giving up the academic title.

Asked how many requests to renounce a scientific degree have been registered so far, the Minister of Education said that Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s is the only such request by now.

“As long as there was no relevant legal basis, there has been just one such request I have knowledge of. Yet as soon as the legal basis comes in effect, we may find that there are many citizens who want this too,” said Cimpeanu.

He added that Victor Ponta must apply again for relinquishing his L.D., based on the ordinance issued this Monday by the Government.

On December 16, Premier Victor Ponta wrote the Rector of the Bucharest University, Mircea Dumitru, to inform him he was relinquishing the Doctor of Law degree acquired in 2003.

”Esteemed Mr. Rector, I am writing to you to inform you of my decision to relinquish the L.D. I was granted in 2003 by the University of Bucharest. I should have moved to this earlier, right from the moment public allegations emerged regarding my doctoral thesis. Yet I didn’t do this because I considered I had brought my arguments in good faith at the time my degree was challenged and I didn’t want to mix my profession with my political career,” Ponta wrote in the letter to the University Rector.


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