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February 1, 2023

Gheorghe Dutu (ANMR): Investments in exploration secure access to oil resources

The oil industry, but also the mining industry are characterized by continuous movement, Gheorghe Duțu, President of the National Agency for Mineral Resources/Agentia Nationala pentru Resurse Minerale (ANMR), notices. On one hand, the Agency responds to these movements initiated by companies operating in the industry, on the other hand it monitors the developments and proposes new approaches. In the opinion of Gheorghe Duțu, the year 2014 confirms the important potential for the development of the oil sector.

Currently, the National Agency for Mineral Resources has in progress petroleum agreements for 499 oil and gas fields, of which 274 active agreements with OMV Petrom, 141 active agreements with SNGN Romgaz SA Mediaș, 84 agreements with other holders. For a number of 52 petroleum agreements, the holders announced the intention of renunciation.

Oil production is almost entirely covered by OMV Petrom, by the exploitation of the 241 active fields, of which over 64 are in advanced stage of exploitation and will end in the following 5 years.

Regarding the situation of wells, data we have for this year indicate an important potential for the development of the oil sector.

“In the offshore segment, I point out that works executed in the recent period by holders of petroleum agreements have highlighted several possible hydrocarbon-bearing geological structures. The preliminary results reconfirm the importance of continuing investments in the development of Romania’s oil sector. The discovery of new potential structures with hydrocarbon resources and reserves creates the possibility to replace the volumes annually consumed by exploitation and may have a positive impact in terms of securing Romania’s long-term access to oil resources.

In the mining sector, the 88th Round has recently been carried out, which included a total of 24 exploration perimeters. Part of them aimed at activities of exploration of mineral energy resources (lignite, brown coal, geothermal waters). For 11 of the 24 perimeters offered in total, exploration licenses have been issued. In the case of 7 perimeters, there were no offers submitted, a number of 5 offers were disqualified during the auction procedure and for one of the perimeters auctioned an appeal was made,” says Dutu.

“For hydrocarbons, we consider for the following period the concession of an estimated number of 36 oil blocks for exploration, development and exploitation, both onshore and in the Black Sea basin,” he added.

The process of preparing the documentation for the XI Licensing Round is ongoing. I emphasize that the procedure of preparing the next round of bidding for oil blocks is carried out according to the legal provisions and there is no delay. So far, ANMR representatives have communicated in the public space the information regarding our intent to organize a new round. This message has been erroneously treated as the announcement regarding its official launch.



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