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February 3, 2023

Turcan: PNL asks the Ombudsman to stop the new abuse in Education and turn Ponta’s last EO back

The liberal deputy, Raluca Turcan deems that the Emergency Ordinance (EO) by which the regime of the scientific titles is regulated was given by the Government to ‘serve Prime Minister Ponta’ and asks the Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea to ‘turn the EO back.’

‘The new Education minister, Sorin Cimpeanu has started his term the same way his predecessors, Ecaterina Andronescu and Remus Pricopie did: through dedicated emergency ordinances, given on year’s end or during holidays, in order to serve PM Ponta or the Social Democrat Party’s clientele. At end-2014, the Education minister conveys to all pupils, students and would-be PhDs that theft could be tolerated. An entire country today receives, once again, the message that the Prime Minister through the hand of the Education minister, signs ordinances in his own interest, ordinances meant to wash away his intellectual theft, the plagiarism,’ says Raluca Turcan, in accordance with a media release on Tuesday, sent to Agerpres.

According to Raluca Turcan, ‘the said OUG demonstrates that the PSD has an irresponsible government which favours governance in one’s own interest and hits the rule of law by violating the Constitution.’

‘Victor Ponta has occupied for his PhD studies a place which could belong to an honest, competent young, capable to justify the state’s investment. Victor Ponta has mutilated, through various Education ministers, the reputation of the Romanian tuition. Victor Ponta has countersigned laws which regulate directly for himself what is unconstitutional and anti-democratic. All this show the weakness and lack of standards of performance of the Ponta Government. The PNL will ask the Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea to turn back this ordinance. It is the only institution which could currently stop this institutional delirium of the PSD government. (…) The PNL will ask the Ombudsman to stop the new abuse in Education,’ says Raluca Turcan.

The Government has modified in its Monday’s last meeting on 2014 through an emergency ordinance the National Education Law, setting among other things the legal framework which regulates the regime of the scientific titles.


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