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February 1, 2023

Adrian Nastase’s message for the New Year: Our horse was drugged by his own jockey to help others to win

In  a post on his blog http://nastase.wordpress.com , aimed at expressing his thoughts at the turn of the year, Romania’s former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase,  wishes  his fans a friends a peaceful New Year with hopes that be fulfilled. “We need all of us, to meditate on the roads to follow, so the future will bring us more joy. For me, the year that ends was a year of suffering, a year of disappointments. Disappointments about people, first. I watched with sadness the ease with which people can be manipulated. I have looked back at what happened in the last ten years, and I have felt that, like in a gallop race, our horse was drugged by his own jokey to help others to win,” writes Adrian Nastase in his New Year’s message posted on his blog.

In any end is also a beginning. It ends now not only  2014 , but also a pack of ten years. Sure, I am subjectively when I think that it could be otherwise. However, this new beginning, from the presidential election has marked the birth of the fifth “power” – Facebook, which proved (to us and in the Arab world) that knows how to break down. But  may it  also build?,” asks himself the former Prime Minister. “ It remains to be seen,” Adrian Nastase concludes.


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