Romanian diplomacy hails the European Year for Development -2015

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) hails the European Year for Development – 2015, when Romania’s role and responsibility are under the public eye’s scrutiny, as a European Union’s Member State regarding its efforts for global development and poverty obliteration.

“For the European Year for Development – 2015, the Foreign Affairs Ministry is proposing to perform alongside its partners information activities of the Romanian citizens regarding the international cooperation for global development and its importance. Likewise, it has in mind to promote Romania’s contributions within the European Union for the world development and the stimulation of the interest and active involvement of the Romanian citizens in actions dedicated to curtailing the poverty degree at global level,” a release by MAE to Agerpres reads on Thursday.

MAE will continue to promote during the European Year for Development Romania’s transition experience in certain fields, such as: good governance, strengthening of democracy and rule of state, economic development, education, health and environment protection.

“MAE supports solidarity with the developing countries through a responsible foreign policy, based on results and an integrated, coordinated approach of the assistance for development at global level,” the release adds.

2015 is the first European Year dedicated to a relevant range of EU external policy and its role in the world’s context.

When integrating with the European Union, Romania has committed itself to promote a national policy in the cooperation for development field, which implicates to support the efforts to obliterate poverty at European, international level.

Romania’s national budget for the Official Assistance for Development (AOD), reported by Romania in 2013 accounted for 444,446,487 RON (the equivalent of 100,87 million EUR) and represents 0.075 pct. of the Gross National Income.


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