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May 11, 2021

Romanians in Diaspora revolted by Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s appointment as personal adviser to President Iohannis, ask his revocation

The recently appointment by President Klaus Iohannis of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu as his personal adviser , has revolted the Romanians from the Diaspora, who have vehemently  reacted  to this appointment by a letter signed by 20 associations of Romanians abroad who ask Ungureanu’s revocation. In the meantime, a new mobilization on Facebook of Romanians living abroad seemts to take place, as a special event has been created on the social network with the purpose to dismiss Mihai Razvan Ungureanu . Here is Diaspora’s  letter to President Klaus Iohannis,  published by www.romaniacurata.ro.

“Romanians in Diaspora who closely follow political events in Romania are unpleasantly surprised and deeply disappointed by the appointment, as personal adviser, of Mr. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu.

As we wrote in the previous letter, published on November 19 this year and that was addressed to you, “Romanians in the Diaspora do not entrust you  a blank check, on the contrary: Romanians have elected on November 16, 2014, a president who is expected to observe, the Constitution first of all, and the laws of the country, to relocate our country where it belongs, among the dignified and respected nations of this world; a country that does not put its resources on  the tray to corporations,  and that is not a state supplier of raw material and cheap labor.

Therefore, we can only react strongly to the break your promises in the electoral campaign, according to which you will militate against the destructive projects to the environment and to the detriment of our country – in all respects – promises that it becomes clearly that you tend to break through appointment at the Cotroceni Palace, as personal advisor, of a person who has declared  himself a staunch supporter of the Rosia Montana Project (“Rosia Montana is a priority it means jobs. I am not an environmentalist of a new age, who suddenly has reinvented his political identity. I am interested in jobs, foreign investment. “- statement by Mr Ungureanu, apr. 2012) and shale gas (” The one who is against shale gas does, willingly or unwillingly, the Russian Federation’s game including on  Romania’s territory “- statement on TV by Mr. Ungureanu, early 2014).

We remind you that Mr Ungureanu is the one who was forced to leave the post of Prime Minister after only 78 days, following a motion of censure without appeal and after accumulating a huge “capital” of antipathy from the population. He is also the one who has renounced to the inheritance of Gojdu Foundation, worth about one billion dollars, which he gave, inexplicably, to Hungary, during his term as Prime Minister.

We, Romanians in Diaspora, have  voted with the hope of having really a new Romania, with new and honest politicians and we have been surprised to see again, appointed to key positions in the state apparatus, characters that we wanted finally to reach the dump of history. We cannot accept your campaign promises be already violated by the appointment to a position so important, be it honorific, of a character with such a past.

With the hope that the voice of those who have voted you will count in the choices you do, we expect your decision of revocation of Mr. Ungureanu,” concludes the Diaspora’s letter addressed to president Klaus Iohannis.

Signed by:

SOS Roșia Montană Bruxelles, Diaspora Românească Unită, Roșia Montană Paris, Munchen Rettet Roșia Montană, Campania Noastră – Danemarca, Intresseföreningen för Rumäner i Sverige – Suedia, Dacia liberă – Paris, Diaspora Franța solidară cu România (Români Indignați), Inițiativa Solidaritate pentru România – Suedia, Save Roșia Montană Dublin, Canada Save Rosia, Barcelona Saves Roșia Montană, Salvemos Roșia Montană Madrid, Românii din Paris, RAW (Romanian Activists Worldwide), Warned, Canada Save Roșia Montană Toronto, Românii din Franța – Nu gazelor de șist, Ceașca de democrație – Paris.


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