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May 19, 2021

Seven billion euros paid as aid to 75,000 Romanian farmers up to mid-December 2014

The Agency for Rural Investment Financing (AFIR) has paid nearly seven billion euros up to December 14 2014 to the beneficiaries of the 2007-2013 National Programme for Rural Development (PNDR). The amount is equivalent to a usage rate of 78 percent of the European funds directed to agriculture and rural development, according to AFIR data collected by mid-December, reports Agerpres.

The final figure up to December 31 will be available in the second half of January, including all the confirmations from the banks of the programme’s beneficiaries.

AFIR experts estimate that the final use rate of the available funds will be 100 percent, considering the continuation of multiannual investments and earmarks throughout 2015.

Since the beginning of PNDR in 2014, AFIR received and checked 149,016 financing requests worth 18.3 billion euros; 96,569 projects were selected for grants by mid-December, for 7.2 billion euros. Out of these, 88,501 projects got contracts amounting to 5.9 billion euros.

More than 75,000 farmers were supported by the programme, including 12,982 younger ones (less than 40 years old). Financing went to 2,702 farms, 1,042 processing units, and 3,600 kilometres of agricultural and forest roads used to collect the products. Also, 897 public authorities got funds under the PNDR to build and repair 9,909 kilometres of water supply lines, 4,355 kilometres of sewerage, and 3,866 kilometres of rural roads. Overall, three million people of rural areas benefit from the infrastructure created and modernized under the village development measures. The programme has already created 41,955 jobs and is expected to produce 41,601 more in ongoing projects, AFIR data show.


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