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October 20, 2020

IRES poll: More than half of Romanians say 450 euros is the minimum necessary income/person for a decent living

More than 50 percent of Romanians think 2,000 lei (nearly 450 euros) is the minimum necessary income for a single person to have a decent living, an opinion poll conducted by the IRES research institute shows.

According to the results of this study communicated to Agerpres on Saturday, only one in 100 Romanians says they have enough money for all they want.

The greatest proportion of respondents, namely 39 percent, say their income is barely sufficient to make ends meet; 14 percent say they afford living well, while 16 percent say they cannot cover their bare necessities.

Most answers – 52 percent – indicated 2,000 lei as the minimum sum of money for a person’s monthly needs; 26 percent said this amount would be 1,000 lei; 10 percent mentioned 3,000 lei, 5 percent – 4,000 lei, and 2 percent – more than 4,000 lei. Also 2 percent of respondents said they could live decently on 500 lei each month.

Researchers say most respondents place themselves in the middle of a 1 to 10 scale between poor and rich, with an average of 4.83. The proportion of those nearer to 1 (poorest) is 9 percent, significantly greater than the 1 percent who place themselves at the top of the scale (10, or richest).

IRES conducted the multistage sample survey on 1,131 individuals over 18 years old, representative for Romania’s population, between December 19 and 20. The maximum error was ą 2.9 percent.


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