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February 4, 2023

The Daily Mail: First Romanian to arrive in Britain a year ago when EU working rules were restricted warns fellow countrymen not to join him ‘because it’s hard to make money’

  • Victor Spirescu was met at the airport in January by MP Keith Vaz
  • He said he would not encourage his friends or family to join him in London
  • Mr Spirescu said: ‘It is hard work to grow in this country, to save money’
  • The first Romanian to arrive in London after European border controls were relaxed has warned his fellow countrymen that life in England is difficult, writes the Daily Mail.

    Victor Spirescu (photo R) , who was pictured as he was met at the airport in January by MP Keith Vaz (photo L), said it is hard to make money in this country, and that he would not encourage his friends or family to join him.

    “Border restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians were lifted on January 1 last year – allowing migrants from the two countries to move to the UK for work.

    Since then, almost 47,000 migrants have come to the UK,” writes the British paper.

    Victor Spirescu first worked at a car wash before leaving after one day for a construction job.  ‘I don’t tell them to come here. It is hard work to grow in this country, to save money. It is only if you have some luck.

    ‘I came here to work. I came here to make money. Not for benefits,’ he told the Daily Mail.

    “Mr Spirescu told the Telegraph that he thinks the panic that surrounded the new border controls was unfair, singling out Ukip leader Nigel Farage for ‘having a problem with immigrants.

    He said: ‘He has a problem with immigrants – but he has an immigrant wife,’ he said. ‘He speaks lots of stupid things,” reports www.dailymail.co.uk.

    “Mr Spirescu has previously told the Daily Mail that he came to the country to work, and not to claim benefits.

    His first job at a carwash paid him just £30 a day – but now he says he earns £250 a day in a construction job which he sends back to his parents for safekeeping.

    He said he is saving up the money he earns here so he can live like a king when he returns to his village in Romania.

    More than a quarter of a million Romanian and Bulgarian nationals now live in Britain – a figure that has risen by almost 50,000 over the past 12 months,” writes the British paper.

    The number based here has increased more than fivefold in eight years – making up the equivalent of a city the size of Wolverhampton.

    The figures, which were published by Oxford University’s respected Migration Observatory, are based on analysis of the official Labour Force Survey, mentions the article published by the Daily Mail.

    “The data also shows that around one in five working-age migrants from Romania and Bulgaria are not in work – a total of 46,000.

    Arrivals from both countries have increased following the lifting of transitional border controls in January,” concludes the article published by Amanda Williams for Mail Online.


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