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December 8, 2022

The prime minister-designate of the Liberal shadow government: We must give Romania a governance of 21st century

In an interview on Saturday with Adevarul Live, the shadow Prime Minister of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Catalin Predoiu, spoke about the appropriate moment when the Liberals should take over the government, but also about his relationship with President Klaus Iohannis. Predoiu argues that 2015 is a year full of challenges for Romania, not only politically, but also economically especially since in last quarter century Romania has missed many opportunities, having not yet its own economic engine.


National economy, a matter of national security


“It’s a challenging year, not only politically, but also economically. In a complex global context, the national economy has become, more than ever, a matter of national security. From the economic point of view, we have missed many advantages over the past 25 years and currently, we depend overwhelmingly on the global economy. We do not have yet our own economic engine. We have three counties that do not matter in the national economic game: Vaslui, Teleorman, Mehedinti.We have about 10 million people with working capacity, of which only 5 million employees, while 5, 2 million are retired. Of the 5 million employees, 1, 2 million work in the state institutions, and one million are paid with the average wage on economy. 30% is the average number of employees in agriculture, while the European average is 3%,” Catalin Predoiu told Adevarul Live.


Romania needs a professional governance, and this takes time


About the government’s  takeover by the Liberals as soon as possible, Predoiu explained: “We have to define what “as soon as possible” means. Nobody says that tomorrow there may be a major political change in Romania. A change must be carefully prepared. Romania needs a professional governance, and this takes time. Let us not crisp. The injection of responsibility from  November 16 will take effect “.


The most important link between Romania and EU must be the European funds absorption


Asked if his governance programme is correlated with Juncker’s big European programme, Predoiu replied: “The most important link between Romania and EU must be the European funds absorption, as stated by Mr. Juncker. Schengen Pillar is essential for Romania, as well as the consolidation of Europe and the unbreakable bond between Romania and the European project. A responsible government should provide arguments to the President of the country to be able to express externally. Ponta government should work twice more than any other government because it has a credibility problem. The talks at the diplomatic table are held with the credibility passport into the pocket”.


No tensions with President Iohannis


Predoiu denied that  he has had a strained relationship with the new president of Romania. “There was no tension between me and the Mr. President Iohannis neither when he was  a candidate, nor it is now. The last dialogues we’ve had were focused on what should do each of us . This is not a subject, ” the  Prime Minister-designate of the Liberal shadow government told Adevarul Live.

Asked if the new PNL (to result from the old PNL and PDL merger) has appropriate people, at least for the ministerial line, the former Justice Minister replied: “I am sure that not only for the first line, but also our state secretaries can be very good. (…) We are in the 12th hour and we must give Romania  a government for the 21st century, producing a breaking of pace, not just to tick some boxes,” said Predoiu.

The Prime Minister-designate of the new PNL considers that a different management of the country  is requested, since Romania needs a level of economic growth of 5% in several years, and, if a good governance is expected, “we do not have to put the political colour above all. We must place competence first. The problem was that the only criterion used so far was the political one. I come from the private sector, I come from the political right, I have lived the political right, we have created jobs, we have paid  taxes. You can pull out performance from people if you  clearly explain them the objectives, and that  you, as a manager, inspire and if you are a model. The modern leader, the leader of the 21st century, must inspire first of all “, said Predoiu.


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