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October 24, 2021

H.E. Mr. Mohamed Eltayeb Gasm Allah, Sudanese Ambassador in Romania : The Sudan’s Independence Day

The Republic of the Sudan, located in the Nile Valley of North Africa, is the third largest country in Africa as well as in the Arab world . It is an active  member of different  regional and international organizations such as: the United Nations, the African Union, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Non-Aligned Movement as well as an observer in the World Trade Organization .

Historically, the Sudan was home to numerous ancient civilizations such as the Kingdoms of Kush, Kerma , Nabta, Nobatia, Alodia, Makuria, Meroë , Sinnar  and others – most of which having been flourishing along the Nile River. Thousands of years ago, the Nubians in those old kingdoms have built famous pyramids that have been still testifying to their unique innovation; hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world annually visit them.

The Sudan is rich in miscellaneously agricultural, animal, mineral and petroleum resources; the Sudanese people have been enjoying social, cultural and lingual diversities, among which the qualities of tolerance, co-existence and social solidarity are deeply dominant over their various communities.

The fifty-ninth Anniversary of the Sudan Independence Day coincides with a very significant era for all Sudanese people during which the peaceful process has been successfully starting to give its fruitful results of stability; the national dialogue that has been already launched between the Government of the Sudan and the different political parties is currently well established. As well, the democratic governance has been sustained in the country to the extent that on the first half of this year the legislative and presidential elections will be held in the Sudan with the participation of numerous political parties.

Romania and the Sudan have established their diplomatic relations immediately after the Independence of the Sudan on 17th of January 1956. Several bilateral agreements in various fields have been concluded between the two countries since 1970s. The private sector in both countries has recently strengthen their economic and commercial relations , the result of that being the birth of the first Sudanese Romanian Economic Forum , organized in Khartoum in 2012,  with the participation of senior officials as well as many Sudanese and Romanian companies.

In celebrating their Independence Day, the Sudanese people are used to sing their national songs glorifying many thousands of Sudanese martyrs who have sacrificed their lives with the aim to expel a strictly violent colonization with very strong negative impacts on their national unity and national interests for more than half a century (1898-1956). The most famous song in this respect is the Sudan National Anthem which has been written in Arabic language – the mother tongue of the Sudan – by a Sudanese poet, Ahmed Mohamed  Salih, few months before the official declaration of the Independence of  the Sudan on the 1st  of January 1956. Below is a poetically English translation of the Sudan National Anthem praising the heroism of Sudanese martyrs and patriots:


We  are  soldiers  of  Allah, of  Homeland

We  never  fear   when called  to  sacrifice

In  ordeals-time  defying   death   we  stand

Buying   glory   at   the    highest   price


This   Land  is  ours , long  live  our  Sudan

Among   all   nations   with   all   distinction

This   is  your    flag , O  Children  of  Sudan ,

Bears  the  burden,  grants  your  Land  protection

The Embassy of the Sudan in Bucharest would like to seize this opportunity  to congratulate all Sudanese inside or outside  the  Sudan on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of the Sudan, particularly the Sudanese Community  in  Romania and the Republic of Moldova .







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