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October 22, 2021

PNL works on ruling programme and readies no-confidence vote against Ponta Government

The new National Liberal Party (PNL) will initiate a no-confidence vote against the Ponta Government during the next parliamentary season and seeks a snap election, although it is aware of the fact that such things might turn out to be very difficult to achieve, party co-Presidents Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga informed during the new PNL unification meeting on Monday. ‘Our opinion has not changed: we want early election. We are not children, we know that it is something that can be obtained with a lot of difficulty, this is the Constitution and there is nothing we can do about it. Apart from the fact that I know it’s difficult to come to power in a legitimate manner, through an election, during the new parliamentary season we will introduce a no-confidence vote’, Alina Gorghiu said during a press conference yesterday.

She noted that the PNL shadow prime minister Catalin Predoiu had until 28 February to present his ruling programme that will be submitted for an internal party debate as well as a public debate.

‘I don’t think one can introduce a no-confidence vote without having a ruling programme to present to the Parliament the next second after the Ponta Government falls’, she explained.

Vasile Blaga in turn said that, should the Ponta Government be unseated, the MPs would vote for the next proposed PM as many of them fear they might not be in the next Parliament. ‘We are convinced that the second Government will be approved exactly because of the excessive number of MPs who know they won’t have room in the new Parliament. Regardless of what the leaders of their parties might tell them to do, they will vote in favour’, Blaga explained.


Alina Gorghiu on PNL-PDL combination: ‘We want this merger to become effective as soon as possible’


PNL co-President Alina Gorghiu also mentioned the decisions made after the negotiations with the old PDL on the subject of the merger. ‘We have decided to make a collective effort in 2015 to identify persons at the baseline of the party that could represent PNL in the next local election. We want this merger to be completed and become effective as soon as possible, and for that reason we have generated two technical committees – one that will write a report on the criteria for the unification of the county organisations, weights, with a deadline on 21 January, and the other one that will include MPs  – political group leaders and four representatives of either party will deal with the unification of the groups, because we must operate as a distinct, unitary group, firmly rooted in the political realities’, Gorghiu said.


Vasile Blaga: ‘I agree to have dialogue, but NO Government with PSD’


PNL co-President Vasile Blaga explained that the new ministers would be selected from among those working as members of the commissions preparing the ruling programme and that technocrats could also be brought in. ‘We are widening the talks with members, non-members and specialists from the country. We will be working on complex teams and it is from there that we will select our people. It doesn’t mean that someone who was a minister or secretary of state will be a minister or secretary of state again’, Vasile Blaga said. ‘Where we won’t find adequate solutions in the party, we will turn to solutions from outside the party’, Alina Gorghiu added.

Vasile Blaga stressed that PSD would not be a part of the new Government. However, he did not exclude PSD’s current ruling partners. ‘I agree to have dialogue, but NO Government with PSD. That would also be an absurd thing to do: initiate a no-confidence vote against PSD and then make a Government still with PSD’, Blaga further noted.

Vasile Blaga also announced that the National Coordination Council of PNL had been called in session for 31 January. ‘We have called in session the National Coordination Council of PNL on 31 January to validate all these criteria our colleagues will propose ahead of the meeting on the 21st (of January – editor’s note)and to approve the political line of the party for the upcoming period. On the 1st (February – editor’s note) we will also hold a meeting of the parliamentary groups to address all those subjects’, Blaga said.

Asked about his opinion on Ludovic Orban’s statements during the latest ‘old’ PNL meeting, that he would fight that the old PDL people do not get their hands on the party of the Bratianu family, Vasile Blaga answered on a jovial tone: ‘We have already got our hands on it. I and Mrs. Gorghiu are leading PNL until the next internal election’, Blaga said.

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