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December 7, 2021

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites Libyan Embassy to discuss attack on ship leading to Romanian sailor’s death

The head of the Consular Department within the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Bogdan Stanescu, on Tuesday stated that MAE invited the Libyan Embassy in Bucharest to discuss over the ‘circumstances and all that happened’ during the January 4th incident when a Romanian sailor died, following an attack on the ship he was on, by a fighter plane.

‘Including today, our Embassy in Tripoli has addressed several requests to the Libyan Foreign Affairs Ministry. We are now waiting for an answer from this Ministry. At the same time, the Romanian MAE invited the Libyan Embassy in Bucharest to discuss the circumstances of the incident and all that has happened,’ said Stanescu.

He specified all these in the context in which a journalist reminded that the Libyan Army seemed to have admitted that its fighters attacked the ship.

The high-ranked MAE official explained that, at this precise point, the ship is still anchored in the Libyan port Tobruk for minor repairs, following next to sail to Piraeus.

He added that, on Monday evening, the Romanian Embassy in Tripoli contacted twice the other Romanian national onboard of the ship and who is also the father of the dead sailor.

‘When the ship will arrive in the Piraeus port, a consular team of the Romanian Embassy in Athens is prepared to go there and provide all the consular assistance that will be needed,’ Bogdan Stanescu concluded.

A Romanian sailor and a Greek national were killed in Libya by a rocket launched from an unidentified fighter having caused an explosion on the board of the ship they were on, MAE informed asked by Agerpres.

The incident occurred on Sunday, aboard ship that was showing a Liberian flag, while it had a Greek owner, which was anchored in the Derna port. MAE also specified that following the explosion two other crew members were wounded, both of them Finnish, after which they were brought to the shore to receive medical care.

The Romanian sailor was Eduard Curduman, born on 7 February 1991. He worked as a sailor on the ship, while his father, Ilie Curduman, worked as a fitter, according to adevarul.ro. Witnesses state that Ilie Curduman was the one who recovered his son’s lifeless body from the water after the rocket attack. The two were close to the end of their contract and were due to return to Romania soon, Adrian Mihalcioiu, leader of the Sailors’ Union in Constanta, stated.

‘The representatives of the Romanian diplomatic mission in Tripoli, relocated to Tunis, as well as those of the Romanian Embassy in Athens were already alerted about the incident. (…) After the incident, the ship continued on its route to Tobruk, heading for the port of Piraeus. When the ship arrives in Piraeus, the representatives of the Romanian Embassy in Athens will provide the consular assistance that is appropriate in such situations to the father of the deceased Romanian citizen, for the body to be repatriated,’ the Romanian Foreign Ministry said on Monday, stressing that representatives of the two diplomatic missions have been in contact with the local authorities in charge throughout the night. ‘The two diplomatic missions have also kept permanent contact with the father of the deceased Romanian citizen.

As part of the steps initiated with the shipowner, his assurance was obtained that he will fully bear the costs of the repatriation of the Romanian citizen’s body,’ the cited source said.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday that it will continue monitoring developments in the case, ‘including also the circumstances of this serious incident.



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