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October 20, 2020

Two important events on the today’s agenda of President Iohannis: Election of the new CSM leadership, the swearing-in ceremony of the new chief of the General Staff

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, participates on Tuesday, the day of Epiphany, at two important events, informs the website of the Romanian Presidency, www. presidency.ro  At 10.00 he will attend the meeting of  the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), with the election of the institution’s  new leadership on the agenda.

President Klaus Iohannis will be the one to preside the meeting, as dictated by the Constitution of the country.

The  two candidates for the CSM’s  President position are judges Alexandru Serban and Marius Tudose, while prosecutor Bogdan Gabor runs for Vice President.

The management projects of the candidates were published last week  on the website of the Superior Council of Magistracy.

Judge Marius Tudose Badea aims in his project to continue the process started in 2011, of rationalization of courts and prosecution units by “redesigning judicial administrative map” to increase the efficiency and quality of justice.

Judge Alexander Serban supports in his management project that a number of legislative changes are required that the role of guarantor of judicial independence of the Council to be more effective.

The only candidate for the CSM vice president position, prosecutor Bogdan Gabor, says in his project published on the website of the Council, that the Ministry of Justice should be notified on the need to amend the package of laws of justice.

Another priority assumed by the prosecutor is the “review and resize together with the Public Ministry, of the personnel schemes, in order to reduce the number of posts from some prosecution offices and the allocation of these financed posts to the large prosecution units “.

The CSM has 19 members: nine judges and five prosecutors elected by the magistrates at the general assemblies of the courts and prosecutor’s offices, and validated by the Senate, two representatives of the civil society, also elected by the Senate, and three de jure members – the Minister of Justice, the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice / ICCJ/ and the General Prosecutor of Romania. The elected members will be sworn in for six years, without the possibility existing for a reinvestment.
The Council is led by a President, helped by a Vice President, who should belong to a different sections of the body than the President, both to stay in office for one year. The President and the Vice President of the CSM are elected from among the 14 elected members at the general assemblies of the courts and prosecutor’s offices.

The Tuesday’s agenda of the CSM plenary meeting also includes unveiling the report on the institution’s activity in 2014, when it was chaired by judge Adrian Bordea, with prosecutor Gheorghe Muscalu being the vice president, informs Agerpres.

From 14.00, Klaus Iohannis will be at the headquarters of the General Staff, to participate in the investiture ceremony of the three-star Lieutenant General Nicolae-Ionel Ciucã as chief of the General Staff.

President Klaus Iohannis on December 29, 2014, signed a decree for the appointment of three star Lieutenant General Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca as Chief of Staff’s head, as of January 1 2015.

He replaces General Stefan Danila, whose term in office ended on January 1.




Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca is part of the desert generals’ group. He used to be the commander of the first Romanian battalion deployed in Afghanistan in the summer of 2002, when he commanded the Red Scorpions’ Battalion.



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