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April 13, 2021

Committee on the change of election law to convene on January 14

Vice Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Mihai Voicu said on Tuesday that Chairman of the Committee on the change of election law, Valeriu Zgonea, called a meeting of the committee for January 14, after the Liberals publicly asked for this body to begin its activity before the start of the parliamentary session in February.

“Following the meeting this Monday of the National Liberal Party’s leaders, party co-chairs Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga publicly announced our request to urgently call the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on election law before the start of the parliamentary session in February. Just a few hours after our request, Mr. deputy Valeriu Zgonea, in his capacity as committee chairman, sent the committee members a meeting call notice for January 14. We welcome the fact that Mr. Zgonea has answered our request and consider that, through consensus of the political parliamentary forces, but also through enhanced dialogue with the civil society, fast progress can be made towards a modern, democratic electoral legislation capable to meet the legitimate demands of the citizens,” reads a release sent to Agerpres by Mihai Voicu.

He added that the mandate the committee entrusted to the PNL representatives is to adopt a mixed system for parliamentary elections concomitantly with a substantial reduction in the number of MPs, regulations providing for the election of mayors and county council presidents in two rounds, the introduction of a modern voting method so as to facilitate the exercise of this right by the Romanians outside country borders.

Voicu mentioned that he is sure that by an effort doubled by a strong political will, Parliament can adopt the new electoral legislation in the first half of the spring parliamentary session.


Atanasiu: Liberals have initiated the necessary steps for electoral law’s change


Vice Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Teodor Atanasiu announced on Tuesday that the Liberals have initiated the necessary steps for the change of the electoral law, and, responding to Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s statement regarding early elections, he said that the reasons given by him ‘make him even funnier.”

“It is obvious that the current law is not good and needs to be changed and we will take all the necessary steps for that. It is clear, however, that in the perspective of the next two to three years we will never have a situation similar to the one two years ago, when a political party wins over 80 percent of the colleges with more than 50 percent and we have this inflation of MPs, with over one hundred of extra lawmakers. (…). So for us this law is not in the least a bugaboo, we have already taken the necessary steps in the committee (…) that will meet in January and that will see to the change of the electoral law for both local and parliamentary elections, in the Committee on the Electoral Code. We are sure this is no reason for the Ponta Government to continue, quite the contrary,” Atanasiu told the RFI broadcaster.


Ponta: I surely respect the Opposition’s right to act as it finds suitable
The PNL Vice Chairman commented on the Prime Minister’s reaction: “Prime Minister Ponta is also showing his funny side, because he tells us this: as long as he is at rule and has a majority, therefore as long as the electoral law does not change, it’s a pity to oust him, because look what happens, we will vote according to the same law. And as Mr. Ponta is in no hurry to change the law, we should let him govern for several years from now on, because otherwise, we would ostensibly get to vote according to the same law, which is not OK,” said Atanasiu.
Prime Minister and Chairman of the ruling Social Democratic Party Victor Ponta on Monday wrote on his Facebook page that he took note of the opinion voiced by the PNL leaders regarding the organization of early elections, but added that a serious political action takes dialogue and consensus on topics such as the change of the Constitution, of the electoral law, of the law on the funding of political parties and of the territorial and administrative organization.

“I took note of the announcement made by the PNL leaders and I surely respect the Opposition’s right to act as it finds suitable. But in order to get a serious reaction, not just one triggered by politicking, we need dialogue to clear the following essential aspects: 1 – if early elections are sought, this means that the current law stays in force (upon the request of the Democratic Liberal Party, the Constitutional Court decided, that no new electoral system can be enforced in less than one year since its adoption). Does PNL assume this situation? 2 – it means that the new MPs will be just as many and elected as per a system we all find inappropriate! Does PNL assume this situation? 3 – in order to have early elections, according to article 89 of the Constitution, a procedure is required that supposes a political crisis of at least 60 days, plus the election campaign, and the formation of the new Parliament and Government on top of that! Overall, at least 100 days of instability!!! Does PNL assume this situation?,” the Prime Minister also wrote on his Facebook page.


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