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May 10, 2021

PNL’s strategy for changing majority in the Parliament, overtaking the power from PSD

PNL dropped the idea of early elections and decided to apply a motion of censure in order to crash the Ponta Government and to overtake the power, thus applying President Klaus Iohannis’s plans, as expressed by the Head of the State himself the day after he won the elections, when he pointed out that Liberals wanted the complete assumption of power. MPs are still on their holiday for almost a month but, until they start their schedule, strings are pulled backstage an betrayals are organized, so that PSD would lose their supporters in the Parliament one after the other and the comfortable majority the Social-Democrats have enjoyed so far would be undermined.

The PNL candidate for the position of Prime Minister, Catalin Predoiu, revealed on Monday evening, in a show broadcasted by TVR, how Liberals planned to change the majority in the Parliament, to make the Ponta Government fall. Predoiu said PNL was not negotiating with “wanderers”, yet he admitted they were needed in an attractive package. According to Predoiu, PNL will not pick up politicians, but launch a public debate on a vision about the country and then wait for various MPs to join the respective ideas. “It should not be an artificial majority; we should start with a vision and see who would assume this new set of policies and who would asume Klaus Iohannis’ presidential platform”, Predoiu explained for TVR 1.

“I am telling you frankly that there are no negotiations going on with members of the Parliament behind closed doors. Just as we assumed in the campaign, we will not apply methods of the past and pick up MPs. We want a serious approach based on projects. If there are political forces sharing this vision, the fall of the Government will come naturally. This is the game we want to play”, Predoiu also declared.


Ponta: PNL’s motion of censure, motivated by the hunger for power


Until PNL submit their motion of censure, Victor Ponta, by means of PSD spokesperson Gabriela Firea, revealed his opinion that PNL is unable of reform and the motion of censure is only motivated by their hunger for power.

“Although they had many times the opportunity to assume Romania’s political stability as their objective, the National Liberal Party keeps proving that it is unable of reform and of presenting itself to voters as a serious party. Under the circumstances that the only project Liberals and their PDL colleagues are able to come up with is that of a motion of censure, we may conclude that they are not supporting the useful measures adopted by the present Government for economical growth, for stimulating investments and the increase of workplaces for young people. Unfortunately, PNL is just as destructive under Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga’s leadership as PDL was while being led by Traian Basescu.

An approach solely based on bringing Democrat-Liberals in the Government again, with a completely unprepared Prime Minister, Catalin Predoiu, is completely ridiculous. PNL does not represent an alternative, because they lack a project for the Government or a vision for Romania. The only political motivation of the Opposition is, for the time being, the hunger for power, and Romanians are not looking for this”, the message issued by PSD says.


Gorghiu: Political stability may be reached with PSD in the opposition, too


PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu immediately issued a harsh reply on Monday evening to PM Victor Ponta, after he claimed acknowledging PNL’s wish to overtake the Government and forwarded them a list of the possible consequences of this political act.

“So far, PSD suffocated the state focusing on their individual, group and party interests. Among many other things, PSD attempted the following: blocking the voting in the Diaspora; blocking revisions of the Constitution and electoral reforms; legalized political wandering of local officials; issued emergency ordinances for one person; sacrificed Romania’s budget out of pure electoral interest. PNL assumes the change of the Ponta – PSD Government. The purpose of PNL is a stable Government with strategies that target construction, not survival. I know that Mr. Ponta finds it difficult to accept, but political consent and the stability of the country may be achieved with PSD in the opposition as well”, Alina Gorghiu replied to the PSD leader.


PDL leader: “I do not understand those who avoid the word ‘co-habitation’”


On the other hand, on the day Vasile Blaga and Alina Gorghiu, Co-Presidents of the new PNL announced their intention to file a motion of censure in spring, one of the leaders of the grand PNL wondered why the new party formed by the merging of PNL and PDL excludes the co-habitation with PSD, considering that it would be a natural choice.

“I understand that Victor Ponta is playing a political game. I fail to understand, though, people who obstinately try to avoid the word “co-habitation”. We are in a classical situation of co-habitation, generated by the nature of the semi-presidential regime. There’s nothing unnatural in a co-habitation at the level of executive power. The co-habitation was caused by the will of the electorate in 2012 (at the parliamentary elections) and in 2014 (at the presidential elections). The electorate voted for a Parliament dominated by the left wing and for a centre – right President. We should accept this situation, it is the only democratic possibility. How long will it last? As long as the MPs of the majority will be represented by the project of the Government and until disagreements inside the Majority are impossible to manage”, says Radu Carp, executive secretary of PDL.



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