PSD split rumours: Senator Mircea Geoana starts his own left wing party

One of the easiest things to do in Romania seems to be founding new parties. There is no person leaving their party out of various reasons at a given moment not to come up with enthusiastic public statements that they would start their own party. Some of them even managed to turns their words into fact quite fast after publicly announcing their intentions and thus, we witnessed the recent appearance of Elena Udrea’s party PMP right after she left PDL or that of Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s very own PLR soon after he departed from PNL.

Intentions of founding parties were lately revealed by Monica Macovei (a former member of PDL until last year) and Sebastian Ghita, who has recently quit PSD.

A similar intention was announced so far by freshly expelled from the PSD Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie, yet, beside mere words, they seem determined to act as fast as possible.

According to political sources, a brand new left-wing party is about to appear these days. It will be created initially in the Parliament and it would expand territorially afterwards, under the mighty leadership by Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie. The new political organization is based, according to the website stiripesurse.ro, on approximately 50 MPS, mostly PSD members, but also a few from UNPR, PC and PP-DD.

“A meeting already took place and a second one will follow soon, to see who we may count on. There are Deputies and Senators who cannot see their future in the present PSD”, one of the members of the initiating group declared for B1 TV, wishing to remain anonymous. The interviewee also mentioned that the new party would be ready for action at the beginning of March – just in time for PNL to file their motion of censure. “We cannot continue as PSD members, considering the feint Congress due to be organized for the mere purpose of reelecting the management that lost the elections. Social-Democracy did not start with Dragnea and it will not end with Ponta”, one of the Senators due to quit PSD also pointed out.

“My only interest is to give the millions of Romanians who had voted for me the chance to be represented by an authentic left-wing party. I will act with all my energy in order to grant genuine PSD members and supporters a profoundly democratic party, modern and open towards society, free of lies, corruption and false pretences”, Mircea Geoana wrote on his Facebook page.

The Senator added that “I do not wish to cause a split in the party I led. Yet, if some people’s fear, coziness and complicity will make PSD remain the prisoner of the same corrupt and tyrannical clique presently leading it, I have the duty to invite all the honest people who believe in a true, modern and European left wing to join me in this new political project, open to all PSD colleagues as well as to left wing supporters who feel unrepresented by PSD and the Romanian political class”.

Mircea Geoana was expelled from PSD by the end of November, along with Dan Sova and Marian Vanghelie.



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