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March 29, 2023

Udrea questions PNL motion of censure, says PMP ready to offer Basescu any role he wishes to assume

The President of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea doubts that the motion of censure to be filed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) would achieve anything. She declared for the radio station RFI that her party would support the Liberal initiative, but only if the document would include the points of view of the Popular Movement as well, regarding the “poor governing by PSD”. Yet, Udrea thinks that the solution of a PSD – PNL Government, “sort of a USL Government” would be closer to reality.

In Elena Udrea’s opinion, “the PSD Government is quite solid, it enjoys a quite intensive support in the Parliament. On the other hand, I am quite unsure on the support a different Government would have from behalf of Mr. Iohannis. It is more likely, considering Mr. Iohannis’ good relationship with Mr. Ponta, that the solution suggested by Mr. Gorghiu yesterday, a Government combining PNL and PSD, sort of a USL Government, would work better”.

“I do not know, considering the support a motion of censure would be granted in the Parliament, if this motion would have any success by changing the PSD Government with a PNL Government, yet I am not persuaded by that the intention of PNL and Mr. Iohannis to make this change is real”, the PMP President declared.

Elena Udrea has named her conditions for supporting the PNL motion of censure: “The Popular Movement Party would grant their support were this motion of censure to be based on the arguments referring to the poor governing by PSD, arguments we have and we will continue exposing as a party in the opposition, perhaps the only party in the opposition. So, if we find representation for our points of view as well, regarding the poor governing by PSD, we offer our support”.


Traian Basescu will choose on his own how he would collaborate with PMP


“I do not think that any member of the Popular Movement Party would do anything else than granting President Traian Basescu any role he intends to assume”. The statement was made for RFI by PMP president Elena Udrea. She said that the former Head of the State was to choose on his own how he would collaborate with PMP.

Elena Udrea counts on Traian Basescu’s support: “I think that President Traian Basescu will come out on his own naming the role he would assume related to the Popular Movement Party. Surely, we are the party that supported and solicited the inheritance of the President, considering that we wish to continue applying the reforms left behind by Traian Basescu to be implemented, the reform of the Constitution, the reform of the Health System, the Reform of the political class, by introducing the law granting transparency to the funding of politixal parties. So, there are many laws PMP wishes to apply and I think we would benefit of President Traian Basescu’s support in our activity as a party opposing PSD”.

“The President will choose on his own his manner of collaborating with the Popular Movement Party. I have already exposed my point of view and I think that the entire political class, as well as the entire Romania could benefit of the experience gained by Traian Basescu so far”, the PMP President declared.

Asked whether she would step back and offer Traian Basescu the position of PMP leader, Elena Udrea replied: “I remember that, throughout the autumn, many of the people who showed so much interest in PMP had declared that Elena Udrea would never offer the position of PMP President to Traian Basescu; on the contrary, she and the party would leave him behind. I do not think that any member of the Popular Movement Party would do otherwise than offering President Traian Basescu any role he wished to assume”.


President Iohannis “has constitutional lacunae”


The PMP leader also declared for RFI that President Klaus Iohannis shows “lacunae” regarding the Constitution. She commented on the proposals made by the Head of the State on Tuesday, at the Supreme Council of Magistracy (CSM). Iohannis declared that he wished CSM, the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the General Prosecutors’ Office would have the right to legal initiative.

As far as Elena Udrea is concerned, “statements referring to the legal initiative of CSM prove once again Mr. Iohannis’ lacunae regarding the Constitution, as these three institutions, CSM, the High Court and the General Prosecutors’ Office are part of the legal authority, that is separated from the legislative authority, and for the time being, the legislative initiative is made by the Ministry of Justice, after seeking advice from the respective three institutions”.

The PMP President thinks that “as far as the technical side goes, Iohannis may improve. Actually, he is just beginning his term and he has plenty of time to get accustomed to the content of the Constitution as well. Of greater importance is the manner Mr. Iohannis relates to Justice as I remember very well how, during his electoral campaign, while he was the subject of an incompatibility trial, Mr. Iohannis has even proposed a change in the law regarding the incompatibility of local officials. So, we must keep an eye on whether he will preserve the attitude adopted by the previous President of the country, Traian Basescu, to unconditionally support justice and the independence of justice or if he would adopt an attitude resembling that of USL and PSD, to interfere in the activities of justice”.





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