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August 15, 2022

Klaus Iohannis organises consultations on Facebook

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday launched on Facebook the question if the Prosecutor General should or should not participate in the Supreme Defence Council meetings, stressing that corruption and organised crime – both in the competence of prosecutors – too are threats to national security. ‘Not only terrorism, but also corruption and organised crime are threats to national security in any state and prosecutors are on the front line of the fight against illegal networks of all kinds’, President Klaus Iohannis states on Facebook. The head of state continues with a question: ‘I have recently launched a theme for debate: should or should not the prosecutor general participate in the meetings of the Supreme Defence Council?’


Everybody should work together to deal with Romania’s problems’


President Klaus Iohannis’ message follows the criticism he received after launching, during this year’s first meeting of the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM), the suggestion that the prosecutor general of Romania should become a member of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT). After his suggestion to CSM, Iohannis said in an interview granted to Adevarul Live that ‘we should get out a little of the paradigm that has unfortunately installed, that the three powers in the state should watch each other, because for many years many have fought more than they have cooperated. That’s the kind of approach I do not share’. The president noted that, in his opinion, the presence of the prosecutor general on CSAT is in now way ‘a mixing up of powers in the state, but a cooperation of the powers’. The head of state noted that ‘the reason we have separated powers is for the state to work better and not to have one power fight the other’. ‘On the contrary, everybody should work together to deal with Romania’s problems and it seems to me normal that all those who can cooperate in order to deal with issues such as national security’, he further said.



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