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May 19, 2022

Diaspora vote: DNA requests documents from the Gov’t and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hears Vanghelie as witness

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have requested  through an official letter, documents from the Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , to make new checks in the Diaspora vote file. The DNA prosecutors want to see if the exercising of the voting rights for citizens in the Diaspora has been prevented, Romania TV has informed.

The  DNA prosecutors started investigating the situation of the vote abroad, after receiving the filer on the subject from the Prosecutor General. If there will be found guilty  persons for preventing Romanians abroad exercising their right to vote, they risk imprisonment under the Criminal Code.


Previously, the DNA prosecutors asked the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC)  last month the archive of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) . Prosecutors have also begun to hear the first witnesses, calling on Friday at the DNA’s headquarters,  Marian Vanghelie as he has repeatedly accused Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea that they boycotted the vote in the Diaspora.

“What can I say than the truth, one that we all know. I do not delimitate myself of what I have said so far, and  when I say something I am guided by logic. (…) I have said  what I knew. ( …) If I had not been in front of the DNA, politically, I could have told you more,” said Vanghelie.


Vanghelie: Ponta, Dragnea have mocked Romanians, in what way, it is what justice must establish


“I will not allow myself  to tell if there have been abuses, let’s let …. (.. .) I explained why I said those things and arguments, all based on logic. When you say evidence … I don’t have paper samples or … I do not work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ” added Vanghelie, who was heard in as a witness in Diaspora vote case,” he went on,

Asked if the law was violated during the election organization, the mayor stressed that “his feeling” of the politician is that “they mocked Romanians”. “In what way and how they came to mock  million of Romanians it is what justice must establish. (…) In the present context, given that things went in a very big awkward and those who lead Romania today in terms of executive mocked many Romanians, I think we need to know the truth. I do not want to make from this thing a battle that I have personally with Victor Ponta. My battles will be politically turned with parliamentarians you will see …, ” Vanghelie  told journalists after the DNA hearing.

He said that he intended that from April on  to go to Spain, Italy, America, in areas where are Romanians and tell them exactly what happened in the presidential election. Asked if he indicated people during his  hearing by the DNA prosecutors,  Vanghelie replied: “They have been nominated , because they simply exist”.




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