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April 14, 2021

Gorghiu: PNL will govern sooner than PM Ponta could imagine

Alina Gorghiu, co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) says Liberals will govern sooner than incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta could imagine and criticizes him for trying to turn the communication with President Klaus Iohannis into an image campaign, instead of practicing real democracy.

‘We’re talking about a PSD lacking legitimacy and credibility, and doing – in my opinion – an upsetting, yet transparent thing, namely trying to change its image strategy or public communication strategy; you see Victor Ponta almost pious in certain public appearances, but I think actually nothing has changed in PSD’s structure,’ Gorghiu said on Friday in Adevarul newspaper’s “Live” webcast.

She pointed out PNL has a very good moment, as it gave the country’s president and is currently carrying out a major fusion with the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL).

‘PNL has to produce the government. I was hearing many commenters saying president Iohannis will maneuver to replace Ponta from the Government. No; PNL has the obligation to give president Iohannis a partner at the Victoria Palace  who will institutionally collaborate with the Romanian Presidency, with all the institutions in Romania, so that we can guarantee normal proceedings and a construction strategy. (…) PNL is clearly determined to get to govern, to come up with broad projects, with credible people, specialized in the fields where they will be ministers, people who don’t have controversial burdens, and who would be able to implement about everything in voters’ agenda,’ the Liberal leader asserted.

She mentioned she wasn’t negative about the communication between the President and the prime minister; she claimed, however, that Ponta is trying to replace the exercise of real democracy with an image campaign.

‘The current situation in the PSD is like a sand castle that would be shattered by the smallest wave. Right now, PSD lacks credibility; Victor Ponta does nothing more than clinging to his chair at the Victoria Palace,’ Gorghiu declared. She added that the prime minister was developing an ‘obsession’ about staying in power.

According to Gorghiu, the only way to topple a government is a censure motion; she announced PNL will submit such a motion after the presentation of the governing programme, scheduled on February 28.

The censure motion could only pass following talks with the other parties in the Parliament, she explained. Nevertheless, PNL will not accept MPs willing to give up other parties.

‘I guarantee you there’s absolutely no one in PNL’s leadership proposing to bring MPs from the various parliamentary parties to PNL, to vote for the censure motion,’ Gorghiu stressed quoted by Agerpres.


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