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August 5, 2021

Monica Macovei launches new political project: The M10 Association

MEP Monica Macovei launched on Sunday the “M10” association she created alongside the persons that worked with her in the presidential elections campaign.

“We did what we promised to do, we stuck together and we created the M10 association, all the founding members are from among those that worked in the campaign, they are normal, young, decent people just like we want the association to be and like we want Romania to be. Our association is the voice of all those that want a decent, modern, prosperous, clean, honest, corruption-free Romania without embezzlement of public funds, a Romania in which one would want to live in and not leave,” Macovei stated during a press conference.

She added that the “M” stands for “merit, work, modernization,” while the “10” stands for “the 10 commandments” she proposed to the political class during the presidential campaign, but also a grade of excellence.


Three main projects: participative democracy, vote by mail and single counter


The association’s main projects are participative democracy, the introduction of the vote by mail and the single counter.

“Through our association we have proposed participative democracy, we want to teach people how to control the politicians, to control public administration along with the people, this is one of the projects. Everyone at local level will control public administration, what it does with the money, how it spends them, what contracts they signed. Another project is the single counter, any of the citizen’s interactions with the administration should be done only once, through a single counter, he should no longer be asked for any document that comes from a different state institution. The third project is the electronic vote and the vote by mail for Romanians in the country as well as for those abroad, it’s a project we have been supporting for a long time,” Macovei pointed out.

Macovei pointed out that by the end of this year she also wants to set up a party and that she has not discussed or planned for this association to collaborate with former president Traian Basescu.

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