“Allegro, ma non troppo” to be premiered at the National Theatre on January 16 and 18

“Allegro, ma non troppo” is a love comedy that includes plenty of romantic twists and dramatic suspense, a morale satire featuring a millionaire, a wife and a dramatist, besides other picturesque characters: a lover, a merchant, a female servant – that will captivate the audience for an hour and a half due to the grace and charm of the interwar times, a press release issued to Mediafax announces.

Unexpected appearances and twists, an ingenious mix of theatre and reality, an adultery being committed straight under the husband’s eyes, under the pretence of a fictitious play, a plea for naturalness in theatre, that is supposed to gain inspiration from the real life, these are the elements that define the performance “Allegro, ma non troppo”.

A dramatic author of a great succes during his age, manager of the National Theatre of Bucharest in 1926, Ion Minulescu (1881 – 1944) is well-known today mostly as the author of “Romances”. Although, throughout his life, the writer had believed that posterity would acknowledge him especially for his theatre plays, the history of literature granted him a different destiny. His theatre is worth discovering today, as well, many decades after the initial premieres at the National Theatre of Bucharest, for its lively dialogues, alert humour, the naturalness of the story, the intellectual verve and the originality of the writing, the quoted press release shows.

Among Minulescu’s most frequently performed plays, there are “The sentimental mannequin”, “The storks are leaving”, “The anonymous lover” and “Allegro, ma non troppo” a comedy that was also performed in Bratislava and Buenos Aires.

The cast of the show includes well known actors that grant the audience the opportunity to enjoy Minulescu’s characters and situations:  Gavril Patru, Marius Rizea, Eugen Cristea, Costina Ciuciulica, Aylin Cadir and Victoria Dicu. The performance is directed by Razvan Popa.

The scenery is conceived by Florilena Popescu-Farcasanu and Maxim Corciova.

This premiere opens the year 2015 at the “I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest.


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