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October 23, 2021

Polemics on the cyber security law

Intelligence services, Government officials, politicians  and part of the press insist that the terrorist attacks in Paris should lead to acceleration in the adoption of cybernetic security law as well as that of prepaid phone cards. Critics accuse this attitude of being an opportunistic one, by using the tragedy of France to impose a law that violates the right to privacy.Under the circumstances of the terrorist attack in Paris, the Liberal MEP Cristian Busoi says that Romania must follow European countries’ example regarding legislation on cyber security and added that in the coming weeks he intends to generate in Parliament a discussion on this topic.

However, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea has requested  PNL to stop contesting the cybernetic security law, as Romania needs it, while another Social-Democrat leader, Georgica Severin, has accused Mihai Razvan Ungureanu of using the tragedy in Paris to force the adoption of the Big Brother Law.


MEP Busoi: Romania must follow European countries’ example on cyber security legislation


‘I will organize an event in which we will discuss the topic technically and at the same time to see the situations created in European countries. As to legislation , we must take the example of European countries, to take into account the European Directive, the European Court of Justice’s decision, and what the Constitutional Court has ruled.

Things have to be considered very technically, with no preconceptions and not with aspects that are not related to the legislative text,’ Cristian Busoi told Agerpres on Sunday.

He says that there must be legislation in this sense, ‘with warrant from a judge, only in certain cases clearly defined by law related to terrorism or serious violation of the law, but this legal framework must exist, because now the procedures by which people can be defended are not very clear.’

Busoi also considers that the identity of those who buy pre-paid phone cards must be known and those who do not intend to commit illegal deeds have no reason to fear. In this respect, he says that Great Britain is the European country which has the strictest legislation, while Romania has ‘the laxest one,’ because it does not have the legal norms regulating these aspects.

However, the MEP points out that the citizens’ right to private life has to be considered.


Zgonea requests PNL to stop contesting the law and adopt a rational political attitude


“Three days of terror for France, but also for the entire Europe. Authorities in Paris were faced with the most difficult exam. It is too early to make correct and emotion-free analyses. One thing is uncontestable though. We were all taught a lesson of civic attitude. The French solidarity, unity and fraternity triumphed and encouraged authorities to complete their challenging mission. I would extend the reasoning and I would like to say that us, Romanian politicians, who react fast for the sake of rating and of earning public affection at any price, should learn from the lesson granted by the events in Paris. I invite the PNL members who contest the Cybernetic security law to adopt a rational political attitude. Under the threat of these dangers, all of us are equal. Think about it. Terrorist threats bear no political colour!”, Valeriu Zgonea, the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies wrote on Facebook on Saturday.



Georgica Severin attacks Mihai Razvan Ungureanu


“A former Foreign Affairs Minister, former head of an Intelligence Service, former Prime Minister and presently a Senator (who gained this position after reaching the second position at the elections), and also a present advisor of President Iohannis (I do not understand how it is legally and morally possible that the President could be officially advised by the Vice-President of a party), proves once again that he is little more than the interface of the services or, better to say, of the political – military conglomerate that starts revealing itself in our country as well. You all know who I am talking about: Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, also nicknamed MRU. Or it might be his code name, I do not know. Anyway, this gentleman is taking advantage of the drama that occurred in France and has started to execute the orders he received!

With a startling serenity, MRU announced us that we are expected to choose between our rights as citizens and our personal safety! Perhaps, the two elements could not be compatible if MRU and the people backing him up do not know whom, when and when we are talking to, whom we love and whom we hate. If I have to make a choice, I have no hesitation in preferring that my civil and constitutional rights be respected. What do you prefer?” the Senator wrote on Facebook.

“I think that at this point it would be useful for the Romanian political class to reflect on the reasons that caused this unacceptably long delay in Parliament’s dealing with the national security package. We are in a paradoxical situation. (…) The national security package has been lying for years now somewhere in the drawers of Parliament. This is unacceptable. The intelligence services, the framework law on national security are largely unadjusted to the current context and beside ambiguity, this also creates the potential for abuse,” Presidential adviser Mihai Razvan Ungureanu told a debate on Friday organized by the CITADEL Group of Reflection and International Analysis and hosted by the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca.







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