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June 26, 2022

PSD meets for first BPN of 2015: What are the imminent challenges the social-democrats are facing?

Pressed by the opposition’s insistence and rush to take over the power as soon as possible, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) needs to manage the best it can the situation on all fronts at the beginning of the year: keep the government, a quiet congress, a ‘painful’ reform of the party and keeping unity after possible defections to the parties announced by Marian Vanghelie and Sebastian Ghita.

With such challenges on the agenda, the PSD national leadership will meet in Bucharest on Monday  for the first meeting of the National Standing Bureau (BPN) of 2015. The meeting will follow the participation of a party delegation including the premier, Defence Minister Mircea Dusa and Finance Minister Darius Valcov in the consultations with President Klaus Iohannis at Cotroceni Palace, on increasing the defence budget,

PSD sources have told stiripesurse.ro that most likely PM Victor Ponta would present to his colleagues on the party leadership the main ruling objectives of the party and would assign to ministers political tasks such as public communication and liaison with the party MPs. As it happened during the first National Executive Committee (CExN) after the presidential election, when the organisation chiefs were urged to remain very vigilant to defections of MPs, the situation of the majority will probably be brought up again and the task will be to monitor developments in Parliament. They will probably discuss the situation of the allies of UNPR, PC and PLR and how much they can count on their support, party sources are saying.

In addition, with the expected and much delayed congress getting closer, PSD must hold a National Executive Committee in January, to set the date for the congress which will elect the future leaders of the party, with all the organisational details. The subject may be addressed by BPN on Monday, PSD sources report.

PSD leaders are expected to also talk about other crucial projects, such as: revision of the Constitution (informal time-table possible), decentralisation law, electoral laws, as well as how PSD should relate to the new president of Romania.The Social-Democrats  could also set a time-table for the organisation of elections for the position of county president in the organisations with interim leadership such as Arges, Mehedinti, Sibiu, Timis, District 5, Valcea.


Ponta adviser: Premier has not exhausted political energy resource, has learnt from mistakes


Victor Ponta’s supporters announce a decisive come-back of the PSD leader. The PM’s honorary adviser Radu Magdin says Ponta has understood where he made mistakes and is now ready to regenerate himself after the PSD congress. ‘The premier has not exhausted his resource of political energy, he still has plenty. He has understood why he lost and is willing to change things for the better; I believe him when he says that he wants a genuine reform of the Left and the improvement of governance. Romania deserves a strong Left and I cannot think of anyone else with comparable skills beyond flaws who could take over the social-democrats’ flag in March-April’, Magdin said in an interview granted to ‘Q Magazin’, quoted by stirirpesurse.ro.

Asked how he would manage to rebuild the image of a prime minister who was also one of the presidential candidates, Radu Magdin said he trusted that the putting back in motion of Victor Ponta’s inner resources would bring him back ‘as fast as possible, counting on his natural style rather than wasting energy on useless things’. ‘I see a premier motivated to complete a party reform and continue governance. This motivation is not enough for a political victory, but is a key-aspect without which nothing can be done. The rest is a combination of work, foresight and a strong coalition around the idea of reform. Romanians are waiting for a change and the Left can be the engine of such change as it is very possible that the Right may relax once its candidate went to Cotroceni. Or, in politics it is always better to be slightly stressed: it stimulates the brain and secures survival’, the prime minister’s adviser said.

In his view, Victor Ponta ‘has learnt the lessons of 2014’ and has decided to re-launch himself based on seriousness and completion of assumed projects. ‘Do not underestimate the fighter’s character of persons engaged in top-level politics. If they had had weak nerves or would give up easily, those people wouldn’t have got where they are in the first place. For the rest, the reform of the Left is important not just to the leader, but also for the party and society. In my opinion, Romania is a country with priority left-wing needs and a reformed, more self-reliant Left, including from a communication point of view, is welcome and even necessary’, Magdin said.




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