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January 25, 2022

SRI forestalled terrorist attacks in Romania

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has prevented terrorist attacks from happening in our country, institution Director George Maior said in an interview to Ziare.com, adding that, whilst there would be more terrorist attacks in Europe, for the time being, there was no major risk to Romania from that point of view. Asked whether there had been forestalled terrorist attacks in Romania, George Maior answered: ‘There have been, but I’m not going to give you details. We have acted strictly in the preventive range and we accomplished our mission. There have been no events also thanks to more subtle and discreet actions SRI has conducted, including expelling individuals, banning the entry of suspects and putting together an accurate intelligence landscape of existing risks’.



‘We are doing everything possible to keep such events far from the national territory’


The head of SRI also explained why the service had not raised the terrorist alert level over the blue code, meaning cautious, after the attacks in France. ‘We did take additional measures at the level of the service, including to defend potential targets, trying to have a better view of the traffic of persons at the borders and getting a good intelligence picture of what is going on in the national territory. However, based on the service evaluation, in consistency with the operational situation, we didn’t deem it necessary to increase the alert level’, Maior said.

‘We are doing everything possible to keep this alert level (blue ) and keep such events far from the national territory. This is why we act strategically’.


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