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October 5, 2022

INS: Romania continues demographic decline

The temporary data by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) show that in November last year 14,897 births were registered, 2,818 less than in October 2014.

At the same time, the number of death registered in November totalized 21,097, 784 less than in the previous month.

In the analysed month, the natural evolution was negative, respectively of 6,200 persons (the number of deceased had exceeded the number of children born alive) and the situation was similar in October (4,166 persons), while the number of deaths in children under one year old registered for November was 114, which is a decrease of 33 compared to October (147 deaths in children under one).

As for data on weddings and divorces, the Mayoralties reported 6,535 weddings for November last year, 4,917 less than the number of weddings in October. Also, the number of divorces pronounced by definitive court verdicts reached 2,345, 304 less than in October.

The comparative data of INS relating November 2014 to November 2013 show that the number of babies born alive decreased by 1,105 in November 2014 and the number of deaths increased by 827 to November 2013.
The natural evolution was negative, of 6,200 persons, a trend confirmed for November 2013 as well, when the population decreased by 4,268 persons. The number of children under 1 who died was lower by 17, compared to November 2013.

According to INS, the number of weddings increased by 667 in November 2014, compared to the same interval of 2013, while the number of divorces pronounced by definitive court decisions, based on Law no. 202 / 2010 decreased by 79.

The resident population of Romania registered on January 1, 2014 was of 19,942,600 inhabitants, 9,738,400 of whom are men (48.8 per cent) and 10,204,200 women (51.2 per cent). The negative values of the growth rate, combined with the negative rate of migration abroad determined a decrease of the population of Romania by 153,400 persons, during January 1, 2012 – January 1, 2014.

The data concerning demographic phenomena were gained by processing information included in statistics bulletins regarding infants born alive, death, weddings and divorces issued by municipality, village and commune mayoralties while the respective phenomena were included in documents and registries. The figures for the year 2013 are definitive and those for 2014 are temporary.



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